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Emanu-News 2022-06-17 בְּשׂוֹרוֹת עִמָּנוּ

Emanu-News  בְּשׂוֹרוֹת עִמָּנוּ
Emanu-News 2022-06-17 בְּשׂוֹרוֹת עִמָּנוּ
By Congregation Emanu-El • Issue #530 • View online
Weekly news from Congregation Emanu-El, Victoria, B.C.
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Emanu-El News
Pride Kabba Shabba and Potluck on the Beach
Married in June? Come and Toast your Wedding Anniversary! Come for the Cake!
Aufruf of Ellen Dragushan and Derek Campbell–Come Celebrate!
Lekwungen Walk
Ethan Goldberg’s Drash
Shabbat Ushers and Greeters Needed!
Shabbat Sivan 12, 5782
The Week Ahead
  • Friday June 17, 6:30pm: Pride Kabba Shabba on the Beach
  • Saturday June 18, 10:00am: Shabbat Services, followed by At Last! Toast your Wedding Anniversary Kiddush! (Connect)
  • Tuesday June 21, 7:00pm: Tanakh Shiur (Register)
  • Wednesday June 22, 7:00pm: Ḥug Ivrit – last class! (Register)
  • Thursday June 23, 7:00am: Thursday morning minyan
View the full calendar on the web (mobile-friendly view). See above for Zoom links to events offered virtually.
ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)
Photo Contest Meets its Natural End!
A Piece of Our History–in Music!
Outreach Gifts for the Community!
In Other News
TD Victoria International Jazz Fest: Call for Volunteers
Marsha Lederman Book Presentation of “Kiss The Red Stairs: The Holocaust, Once Removed”
VIJFF 2022! Save The Date
Hebrew Q&A
Which English words or phrases were adopted by Hebrew but do not have the same meaning?
* Nothing To Do With Being Jewish
* Nothing To Do With Being Jewish
Community Connections
CC#1 - Student needs accommodation
My Calgary granddaughter will be attending Camosun College in the fall and needs a new place to live. She is a gentle quiet girl who is very connected to her Jewish heritage. If you have a suite to rent please let me know. - Ann Zanbilowicz
Respond to CC#1 (your email will be forwarded to the contact person)
CC#2 - Shabbat Gift Bags
Congregation Emanu-El is distributing to 20 households each month Shabbat Gift Bags. They are being given to everyone, regardless of need, letting everyone know that they are appreciated.
We need drivers who will distribute the bags. It takes about 2 hours of time once a month.
Respond to CC#2 (your email will be forwarded to the contact person)
CC#3 - Short Term Accommodation Needed
Looking for short term (3 months) accommodation in Vancouver, preferably walking distance to Vancouver General Hospital. Fully furnished 2 Bedroom suite, apartment, condo or level ground/basement of a house, or a house. - Debbie Stevens-Reznick
Respond to CC#3 (your email will be forwarded to the contact person)
Thank-you to Congregation Emanu-El from Leah Greschner:
Jack and I are doing well and we both appreciate all your support, help, food and gifts. This community is exactly why I want Jack to have a Jewish identity! We are in Alberta with his daddy now and I’m starting to get more sleep! So everyone is happy! Look forward to seeing you when we get back. Many thanks from Leah and Jack.
Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine
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The Last Word
Roger met Elaine on a dating site; asked her out to a movie; she accepted; and they had a pretty good time. 
A few nights later he asked her out to dinner, and again they enjoyed themselves. They continued to see each other regularly, until, after a while, neither one of them was seeing anyone else.
And then, one evening as they were driving home, a thought occurred to Elaine, and, without really thinking, she said out loud:
“Do you realize that, as of tonight, we’ve been seeing each other for exactly six months?”
Silence in the car. To Elaine, it seemed like a very loud silence. She thought to herself: Geez, I wonder if it bothers him that I said that. Maybe he’s been feeling confined by our relationship; maybe he thinks I’m trying to push him into some kind of obligation that he doesn’t want, or isn’t sure of.
And Roger was thinking: Gosh. Six months.
And Elaine thought: But, hey, I’m not so sure I want this kind of relationship, either. Sometimes I wish I had a little more space, so I’d have time to think about whether I really want us to keep going the way we are, moving steadily toward … I mean, where are we going? Are we just going to keep seeing each other at this level of intimacy? Are we heading toward marriage? Toward children? Toward a lifetime together? Am I ready for that level of commitment? Do I really even know this person?
And Roger is thinking: … So that means it was … let’s see … February when we started going out, which was right after I had the car at the dealer’s, which means … Lemme check the odometer … Whoa! I am way overdue for an oil change here.
And Elaine thought: He’s upset. I can see it on his face. Maybe I’m reading this completely wrong. Maybe he wants more from our relationship, more intimacy, more commitment; maybe he has sensed—even before I sensed it—that I was feeling some reservations. Yes, I bet that’s it. That’s why he’s so reluctant to say anything about his own feelings. He’s afraid of being rejected.
And Roger thought: And I’m gonna have them look at the transmission again. I don’t care what those morons say, it’s still not shifting right. And they better not try to blame it on the cold weather this time. What cold weather? It’s 87°F outside, and this thing is shifting like a garbage truck, and I paid those incompetent thieves $600…
And Elaine thought: He’s angry. And I don’t blame him. I’d be angry, too. Gosh, I feel so guilty, putting him through this, but I can’t help the way I feel. I’m just not sure.
And Roger is thinking: They’ll probably say it’s only a 90- day warranty. That’s exactly what they’re gonna say, the scumballs.
And Elaine thought: Maybe I’m just too idealistic, waiting for a knight to come riding up on his white horse, when I’m sitting right next to a perfectly good person, a person I enjoy being with, a person I truly do care about, a person who seems to truly care about me. A person who is in pain because of my self-centred, schoolgirl romantic fantasy.
And Roger thought: Warranty? They want a warranty? I’ll give them a warranty. I’ll take their warranty and stick it right up their…. 
“Roger,” Elaine said out loud.
“What?” said Roger, startled.
“Please don’t torture yourself like this,” she said, her eyes beginning to brim with tears. “Maybe I should never have … Oh, I feel so…..” (She breaks down, sobbing.)
“What?” says Roger.
“I’m such a fool,” Elaine sobs. “I mean, I know there’s no knight. I really know that. It’s silly. There’s no knight, and there’s no horse.”
“There’s no horse?” says Roger.
“You think I’m a fool, don’t you?” Elaine says.
“No!” says Roger, glad to finally know the correct answer.
“It’s just that … It’s that I … I need some time,” Elaine says.
(15-second pause while Roger, thinking as fast as he can, tried to come up with a safe response. Finally he came up with one that he thought might work.)
“Yes,” he said.
(Elaine, deeply moved, touched his hand.) “Oh, Roger, do you really feel that way?” she said.
“What way?” said Roger.
“That way about time,” said Elaine.
“Oh,” said Roger. “Yes.”
(Elaine turned to face him and gazed deeply into his eyes, causing him to feel very nervous about what she might say next, especially if it involves a horse. At last, she spoke.)
“Thank you, Roger,” she said.
“No—thank you,” said Roger.
Then he took her home, and she lay on her bed, a conflicted, tortured soul, and wept until dawn—while Roger got back to his place, opened a bag of Doritos, turned on the TV, and immediately becomes engrossed in a rerun of a tennis match between two Czechoslovakians he had never heard of. A tiny voice in the far recesses of his mind told him that something major was going on back there in the car, but he was pretty sure there is no way he would ever understand what, and so he figured it’s better if he doesn’t think about it. (This was also Roger’s policy regarding world hunger.)
The next day Elaine called her closest friend, and they talked about the situation for six straight hours. In painstaking detail, they analyzed everything she said and he said, going over it time and time again, exploring every word, expression, and gesture for nuances of meaning, considering every possible ramification. They continued to discuss this subject, off and on, for weeks, maybe months, never reaching any definite conclusions, but never getting bored with it, either.
Meanwhile, Roger, while playing racquetball with his friend Norm one day, paused just before serving, frowns, and said:
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