Emanu-News 2022-01-28 בְּשׂוֹרוֹת עִמָּנוּ





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Emanu-News  בְּשׂוֹרוֹת עִמָּנוּ
Emanu-News 2022-01-28 בְּשׂוֹרוֹת עִמָּנוּ
By Congregation Emanu-El • Issue #510 • View online
Weekly news from Congregation Emanu-El, Victoria, B.C.

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Emanu-El News
Kabba Shabba is Back! (Tonight)
Historical Quests – Isa Milman & Menachem Kaiser
Eagle at James Island Pier
Eagle at James Island Pier
Shabbat Shevat 27, 5782
  • Candle lighting: 4:48 PM
  • Parashat Mishpatim
  • Exodus 23:20-24:18
  • Haftarah: Jeremiah 34:8- 22; 33:25-26
The Week Ahead
View the full calendar on the web (mobile-friendly view). See above for Zoom links to events offered virtually.
ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)
From Rabbi Harry: Services Moving Online
In Other News
Jonah, God and Other Strangers: Reading the Torah from a Transgender perspective
Hebrew Q&A
Q: What is the difference between the Hebrew verbs d-b-r (diber) and a-m-r (amar)?
Test Your Lateral Thinking
Every two weeks a woman sits down and writes two words on 60 pieces of paper. Why does she do this?
*Nothing To Do With Being Jewish
*Nothing To Do With Being Jewish
Community Connections
Want to say thank you to someone in the community? Advertise a small job? Submit a Community Connections article and your brief message may be published in an upcoming newsletter.
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  • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm
  • Friday 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
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The Last Word
Schlesinger’s father, Mendel—now in his nineties—went to the optometrist for new eyeglasses prescription. 
The optometrist showed him a chart with the letters: 
C Z J W I N O S T A W C Z 
“Can you read that, for me?” he asked Mendel. 
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Weekly news of Congregation Emanu-El, Victoria, B.C.

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