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Storypreneur - Issue #4

Hi everybody!  First, we're growing in numbers.  If you've just recently joined, welcome!  You can ex
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Storypreneur - Issue #4
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Hi everybody!  First, we’re growing in numbers.  If you’ve just recently joined, welcome!  You can expect lots of great stuff on storytelling in business that you won’t find anywhere else.  If you like what you’re reading, please share this with co-workers, colleagues, and friends.
Here in Issue #4, you’ll read about storytelling in some unexpected contexts:  storytelling and high-end auction houses like Christie’s in New York; storytelling and tourism in places like South Africa.  
There’s also a great article on how to write an effective call to action (CTA).  Who knew there were 31 flavors of a CTA?  I’ve read it, re-read it, and just saved it.  It’s important because one of the blind spots in business storytelling is forgetting the call to action or not making it strong enough.  After all, the ultimate goal of communication in business isn’t to communicate – it’s to drive business.  It’s to move someone to take the action you want.  
As always, I include a piece on the coming of 5G which will power the Internet of Things and boost the amount of data we produce and consume exponentially.  We’ll need storytelling more than ever to make sense of all that data in a way that matters to other people.  The 5G piece is from MIT’s Technology Review and the best synopsis of the issue I’ve come across.  
Enjoy this issue.  Spread the word.  Share any feedback.  
Best,  Douglass

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