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Storypreneur | Instantly Applicable

Happy Labor Day! In this issue, you'll read 12 lessons about storytelling from members of the Forbes
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Storypreneur | Instantly Applicable
By communicate4IMPACT  • Issue #17 • View online
Happy Labor Day! In this issue, you’ll read 12 lessons about storytelling from members of the Forbes Agency Council comprised of PR and Advertising executives. You’ll get a down and dirty primer on sales – one that reinforces the foundational storytelling precept of putting your audience first. And, saving the best for last, I can’t wait for you read about what some advertising execs are doing in order to do good with data. Imagine for a second what the following topics could possibly be about: America - Let’s Do Lunch and Heads on Beds. It’s all here in issue #17.

Best Unexpected Stories about Storytelling
12 Important Storytelling Lessons That Came From Unexpected Places
Sales + Storytelling
Data + Storytelling
Using Data for Social Good – and Terrific Storytelling -
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When we first launched communicate4IMPACT, we looked for a one-stop platform curating the latest and greatest in business storytelling content. We knew there were some great newsletters out there, but that’s not what we were looking for.

We wanted articles and posts from diverse, credible, and interesting 3rd party sources that spoke to the business storytelling principles we care about—principles like the importance of putting your audience first, the challenge of capturing and keeping audience attention, not to mention the need for sure-fire strategies for inspiring action.

We also wanted to know who in the marketplace was doing business storytelling well and what they were doing differently. Not finding what we were looking for, we decided to start our own curation platform called Storypreneur. This year, we rebranded Storypreneur as StoryHub.

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