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Adam Stewart's Art Letter - Issue #3

Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart
Art Spotlights
A handshake Between Land and Sea
A handshake Between Land and Sea
A Handshake Between Land and Sea
This piece is currently up for auction on my Colorblind Creation Collection. This is my most successful collection raising over 9.3 ETH for Regenerative Medicine researchers.
Imagine a world where an Octopus extends it’s tentacle as a token of friendship with a Bamboo Tree. This may seem like an odd friendship but they both have something in common. They both have amazing regenerative abilities. If you cut a bamboo tree it can grow back with absolute vigor. The same if a tentacle of an octopus is severed it has the ability to regrow it. These two while unique and different would make interesting friends.
This was created and painted during one of my Insomania episodes when I could not sleep for about a month. And one night all I could think about is this concept. A beautiful bamboo tree extended over my back porch and I’d sit under it and watch it waving in the air and in my opinion longing for a new friendship. I felt a human like me was not enough and could not truly understand it but that an Octopus would be a better companion.
Stone cold Prelude by Ishika Guha
Stone cold Prelude by Ishika Guha
Ishika Guha’s Creative Process
My creativity makes me complete. I am never myself without my colours. The best of me, when I’m the happiest, is when I am painting and expressing all those intense emotions trapped inside me. Sometimes I paint only for the very reason people want to talk – to communicate! My vibrant colours become my voice when nothing else works.
I do not have any specific art rituals. My art process is very spontaneous, and all my artworks are mainly concentrated on abstract expressive mixed media (oil and acrylic) that are deeply reflective, and they actually fly beyond the borders of my canvases. I love to explore the spontaneity of mixed media, and the whole process is rather playful and adventurous. My passion drives the whole process and I just sit with my colours staring at them until they call out to me- I don’t pick them! Often my subconscious mind takes over, and the process feels very liberating to me. I forget my present and dive into my own world of blissful colours.
I do what I feel like, no plans, no rules whatsoever. This world is so full of rules, so I find my own freedom through my art!
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Adam Stewart
Adam Stewart @@colorblind_Adam

Watercolors, Poetry and Sumie are life. Realism, Surrealism and Minimalism all have a place at the end of my paintbrush. Founder of the NFT Be Kind Community.

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