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Settling In

Colin Wright
Colin Wright
Current location: Milwaukee, WI, USA
Reading: 1493 by Charles C. Mann
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Settling In
It’s another cold, windy day here in Milwaukee (I love it), and I’m planning to settle in, catch up on some work, cook and eat some nice food, and decompress a bit before a livestream (more on this below) tonight.
I’m thinking of this as a pseudo-mental health day, because although I’ll still be working, I’m setting aside one task that requires a fair bit of brain effort (writing an essay for this newsletter and my blog) so I can catch up on other things and recalibrate my various cognitive-components a bit.
That said, most of the rest of the newsletter is the same as usual (no photos, but otherwise it’s all there) :)
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Part of today’s wiped-out feeling stems from all the socializing (even if only virtually) I’ve been doing this week.
I’ve had an unusual number of interviews for podcasts and YouTube channels and other various sorts of shows, and I’ve hosted my own news-focused livestreams the past couple nights.
And it’s been a lot of fun! But despite enjoying such things, they also sometimes drain my battery, and these days I can usually tell when I need to step back and do some recharging (this hasn’t always been the case, and learning to keep tabs on that battery-level—and being okay with it—has been a multi-year effort).
Thus! I’ve got one more Let’s Talk About the News livestream scheduled for tonight, and you can join me on Twitch (@VirtualColin) or via Instagram (@ColinIsMyName) if you’re keen to partake/participate.
If you can’t make it to the livestream but would like to ask a news-related question, you can submit it ahead of time by responding to this email or dropping me a message on social media.
That said, despite my moderate exhaustion, I think it’ll be a lot of fun and I’d love to see you there if you can make it!
Also: I’ll be doing more livestreams of various flavors in the coming weeks, so if you can’t make this one (or the subject matter doesn’t interest you) there’ll be other opportunities to pop by and say hi, live, in the near-future.
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Colin Wright
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