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The Colette Gazette - March 19, 2021

The Colette Gazette
The Colette Gazette - March 19, 2021
The mission of The Colette Louise Tisdahl Foundation is to improve outcomes of pregnancy, childbirth, prematurity, and infancy, as well as aid in the grieving process through financial assistance, education, and advocacy
Dear {{first_name}},
I start this newsletter with a slight bit of egg on my face. In advertising for our presentation on financial planning, I inadvertenly shared the wrong registration link. I found out Tuesday evening, but I had shared the incorrect link all over the place. Normally, finding this out would have sent me into a spiral, resulting in me feeling like a complete failure and negating all the good that I’ve done over one mistake.
But, thanks in large part to the Navigating Imposter Syndrome mastermind class I have been taking with Meg McKeen and Erin Brown, I stopped myself from the spiral and realized I was only human and the world did not stop over my one mistake and that I now had the blessing of time to fix it. While imposter syndrome is a controversial term these days, I also love this class/discussion and look forward to it every week because it’s an opportunity to really reflect on my inner critic and to feel like I am not the only one who suffers from that person inside us all who tells us we’re not good enough or that a simple mistake is earth shattering. I am really looking forward to our next educational presentation on April 13, a panel discussion on imposter syndrome, especially as it relates to anyone on the parenting journey. If you’re interested (and I assure I have double and triple checked this link), register here. Also, if you’re interested in being on the panel and sharing your story, please hit reply on the email or contact me.
Oh, and if you missed the financial presentation presentation, Nicole did a phenomenal job and the recording is on our You Tube channel for your viewing.
I’m also excited because you get to hear from a dear friend, Tomeka Isaac, for our inaugural piece in a series we are calling Friday Five. I was so lucky to meet Tomeka in May 2019 at Mom Congress. Somehow drawn to each other, we were both nearing the one year anniversary of our first child’s birth and death and were the moms without living children at the event. Her son Jace, who was born still, provides me comfort as I imagine he and Colette are friends who brought their moms together. Tomeka also co-founded and now is executive director of Jace’s Journey, an organization that educates about racial and ethnic disparities and how to overcome them. Her story is so powerful and I am so glad that I get to share her Five Things I Wish I Knew about Getting Pregnant At 40.
Also, as I have reflected on my workload and the always impossible, but pressing balance of work and life and kids and home, I have made the decision to make this a biweekly newsletter. So, next week, March 26, will be an off week for me and then we’ll be back for April 2 (which just so happens to be my 39th birthday)!
Have a fantastic week!

What We're Doing
This week, we helped families in Illinois, Iowa, New Jersey, Ohio, and Texas, surpassing 575 families helped.
We also helped our first family under our new Prolacta Bioscience Foundation grant!
This upcoming week, we will be participating in the 2020 Mom Maternal Mental Health Forum as both an attendee and an exhibitor. This event looks awesome and we hope you join us if you can!
What We're Reading
We are loving this dad’s response to the daycare that told him he should dress his daughter more “girly.”
Parenting is hard. Parenting in the midst of a pandemic that has exceeded one year of quarantine feels impossible. We love this look at “just getting by” being enough for these times.
We love rainbow babies. In honor of St. Patrick’s Day and of March being Pregnancy After Loss Awareness month, we want to share a video of rainbow babies that we love (especially one special guest star) as well as a new favorite picture that one mom created in honor of her rainbow with the caps, vials, and other materials of her IVF treatments.
Okay, Michelle here, with some secret news! Mark, my co-founder, partner in life and parenting, and dad to Colette and Elliott is celebrating his birthday today! Mark is an incredible husband and father and is usually at least part of the reason that I’m not pulling my hair out (although Elliott seems to like pulling on it quite a bit). Since Mark doesn’t ask for much, I wanted to share with you one of his wishes–to get more subscribers to this newsletter. So, if you were forwarded this or if you get it and want to share it, we would greatly appreciate the new subscribers! It’s his 44th birthday so getting 44 new subscribers (or 88 or 132) would be amazing!
Want to go a step further for Mark’s birthday? Quarantine prevents get togethers that are not virtual so in lieu of buying him a drink or treating him to a meal, make a donation in his honor to further the work we do.
In case you missed it...
Our continued work on addressing maternal mental health and providing resources to help moms, families, and practitioners was part of our most clicked links. Check out our resource page here that we will be updating consistently.
Have a resource we don’t have? Please contact us to share!
How We're Feeling
Shout out to Tomeka Isaac of Jace’s Journey for writing our first Friday Five series. Tomeka writes about the five things she wished she knew about getting pregnant at 40. Check it out!
Shout out to social workers during National Social Work Month. There are not enough words to explain how incredibly valuable social workers have been to our work so we will be featuring some of these incredible people on our website throughout the month. This week, a shoutout to Sarah Oliver from University of Alabama and Nanane McDermott from Progeny Health or any of our past features. We will be sharing a few more throughout the month so check our website and social media: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter.
Shout out to several of our partner hospitals who were featured in Newsweek’s Best Hospitals in the U.S. feature!
Ways to Help
Do you have advice or thoughts or a story of your own that you want to share? We are launching a new series–Friday Five–and would love for you to be part of it. What are five things you want to share related to pregnancy, childbirth, infancy, NICU, prematurity, special needs, parenting, maternal health, maternal mental health, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, infant loss? Contact us to find out more about sharing your Friday Five!
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