Coffee Table Typography

A love for words, letters, language—and coffee. A digest of curated resources, articles and knowledge sharing about the beauty of typography; in design, on the web, or books. You will read these over your morning cup of coffee, while the aromas of freshly ground beans are still in the air, qui... Read more

A love for words, letters, language—and coffee.
A digest of curated resources, articles and knowledge sharing about the beauty of typography; in design, on the web, or books.
You will read these over your morning cup of coffee, while the aromas of freshly ground beans are still in the air, quickly realising that words are beautiful and that you might need that second cup after all.

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#80 • Slabs and Vectors

Here's a great single page made by Rami Ismail to bookmark for future use: how to properly identify and work with Arabic text. After all, some 28% of the world's population speak it, and we can't afford to mess this up.Say your project's deadline is coming up…


#79 • Garamond in Stripes

It's true. Our old, trustworthy work horse, Garamond, has been on the news lately and under fire by the U.S. Court of Appeals, "encouraging the use of typefaces that are easier to read and to discourage use of Garamond.”What?“Maybe it was a string of obscure …


#78 • A New Hope

First off, if you haven't heard about the Fresh Font's Half Price Card, you're in for a treat. Noemi worked very hard to get this very unique card going: a one off card purchase that gives you 50% off in several typeface purchases at many different foundries.…


Issue #77 • Stranger Fonts

The good people at The League of Moveable Type recently dug up the most fascinating Vox article: what's up with that Wingdings font?It's fair to say most of us are familiar with Wingdings, but to those of you who are unfamiliar, you'll know it as being that w…


#76 • Trimming the Stems

Let's start with an article that could have easily been the whole newsletter: Ethan Wang writes about the new and ever so exciting leading-trim property, something that should excite both web developers and designers alike. Even if you're not in any of these …


Issue #75 • Human Type

From Eye On Design, here's an article that will likely catch your attention a bit more than it did when it was written in 2019. It tells an important story about typography and the colour of our skins — and how the world of typography also has room for growth…


#74 • Sans Outdoor

Here's a quick one, but a fun one: Liebermann Kiepe Reddemann explores what it would look like to combine and update the classic Times typeface, with Arial, with a catchy experimental name of Times New Arial.If you're wondering how this is possible, given tha…


#73 • Sans Relief

Mathew Butterick, also known in our community for Practical Typography (still the type manual I recommend the most for curious friends), recently wrote about typography at the Oscars. Let's have some fun.Mathew does a one-line movie review and a more extended…


#72 • The Irony Mark

From the deep-end of the Internet archives, I've stumbled upon a very old but interesting article on LanguageGeek, about the use of apostrophes in native languages. How interesting can a simple ' apostrophe get, you may ask, and you should be prepared to have…


#71 • Mind Your Ampersands

Here's one of my favourite articles recently, from Ralf Herrmann of Typography Guru, which any language lover will appreciate too. It turns out, there are quite a surprising number of phrases and words which originated in the field of typography that we still…


#70 • The Serifsgiving

H&Co teach us how to fully appreciate and differentiate between several kinds of italics, and if you're thinking that you didn't even know there were several kinds of italics, that's okay. They look specifically at twelve different kinds of italics, from …


#69 • I Taped The Serif

Matej Latin, once again, writes a very comprehensive and easy to follow typographical guide for us, this time on how to recognise font styles just by glancing at a typeface. For brevity's sake, I won't cover every single style in this brief summary, so a full…


#68 • Miss, Drop That Cap

From Letters of the Temporary State, here's an article entirely dedicated to... italics. An easily digestible historical essay, from the script to the slanted.To start with, when should you really use italics anyway?The Chicago Manual of Style (whose cover is…


#67 • Corgigraphy

You've probably seen this already, especially if you follow design news of any kind, but I'm still taking the plunge and dissect this fascinating article by Marcin Wichary for Figma, on line height.While this article announces how Figma is now handling height…


#66 • Crazy times for a new Roman

Now this is interesting: recently, the US Government announced they'd be releasing their own branded typeface designed for their interface design. Named Public Sans, this is a huge first step for a more consistent, careful and consistent design for most US Fe…


Coffee Table Typography - Issue #65

Oh mathematics. For many, a necessary evil to go by your every day life; for others, a beautiful art form. The folks at I Love Typography bring us a wonderful article on the origins of the first printed math books; their origins, what it looked like, how it e…


#64 • Dvorak & Friends

A few days ago, I talked about the fleuron ❧ and its origin with a few friends, and realised I know very little about its origins.The fleuron is a glyph used mostly as a typographical element; either as punctuation (not so common) or as an ornament in text (m…


#63 • Typing for Pirates

You just gotta love a vintage comeback. Lydian is a 1938 “humanist” sans-serif typeface; typically, this means it tries to give the impression of being written by a human hand, but it doesn’t have any of the characteristic flourishing strokes more commonly as…


#62 • Mono Duo Quattro

Christmas may be behind us already (or still ahead, depending on how you choose to perceive it), but the people at iA Writer have been hard at work to deliver one of their biggest updates yet. And, of course, it's deliciously typographical.The 5.2 version see…


#61 • Interpunct for the Future

On this wonderful article by Medieval Books, we're given a glimpse into the world of selfies — a few hundred years ago. Something truly remarkable that I had no clue about. Self-portraits of medieval book artisans are as exciting as they are rare. In the age …