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❄️ ß, is not for ßnow.

It saddens me ever so slightly that during my 2 years in Germany, I didn't get to learn the language
Coffee Table Typography
❄️ ß, is not for ßnow.
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It saddens me ever so slightly that during my 2 years in Germany, I didn’t get to learn the language well enough to write it on a daily basis. Nevertheless, what excited me the most was the chance to use new characters that I wasn’t used to, namely the gorgeous Eszett (ß), which I’ve written about in the past; and now, there’s an entire book coming out just dedicated to this beautiful character, appropriately named Niße. You can read and drool on this introduction on it, and think about gifting it to me for Christmas. 🎄 
If you’re curious about what a (good) typography styleguide looks like, then make sure to study and bookmark the recently released IBM Typography Guidelines. Having just released their own branding typeface, it’s fantastic to see companies like IBM truly stepping up their type game. What can you learn from those sets of rules? Can you begin today applying them to a project of yours?
If you can make room for another typography/typeface newsletter, then Fresh Fonts is certainly one of your best bets—Noemi does a remarkable job at discovering, reviewing and sharing the best recently released typefaces. It’s remarkably detailed and you can even follow it online. It’s 👌 
Make sure you also don’t miss Typewolf’s Typographic Favourites of October, as Jeremiah always elegantly dissects interesting typography-based web designs.

Web Typography: Designing Tables to be Read, Not Looked At
The Anatomy of a Thousand Typefaces
Measuring contrast by stroke distance
Measuring contrast by stroke distance
The Long and Fascinating History of Quotation Marks
Typeface Du Jour ✍️
I’ve stumbled upon Guyot browsing Noemi’s newsletter mentioned earlier, and it caught my eye immediately. While the Retype website doesn’t have a showcase of its beauty in use, do make sure you try its sample specimen to fully appreciate it in the wild.
Guyot is a type family inspired by the work of the punchcutter François Guyot, who lived and worked in Antwerp during the sixteenth century
And that italic k sends shivers down my spine, so elegant it is. Notice the italic w, which is quite unique, to say the least. This is one thing to be careful about when attempting to create non-distracting body copy, but dang it, it certainly gives it bonus points for character. View it on Retype.
On the Coffee Scene ☕️
There’s good news for the environment in the coffee scene. We’ve previously talked about the problem that is the sheer amount of disposable coffee cups thrown away every day (in the UK alone, 4,861 disposable paper cups are used per minute, which is over seven million a day and right now, less than one in 400 cups are recycled). To combat this problem, G . F Smith has launched Extract, a new paper that aims to rid the planet of the waste generated by disposable coffee cups lined with plastic. How does it work?
Extract takes the disposable cup destined for landfill and transforms them into quality paper. “The paper world doesn’t need another sheet of paper unless it changes things and makes a difference,” says John Haslam, joint managing director of G . F Smith. “Originally the concept was tested using pre-consumer waste, the trimmings from the cup manufacturing process. This simply didn’t help the major problem around the world so we pushed forward with the CupCycling team and developed an amazing solution.”
It’s a fantastic initiative and very interesting even from a design perspective. I highly encourage you to read more about it and see the sample papers.
+ And because nothing is more exciting than the worlds of coffee and type literally colliding, please take your time to appreciate Stumpton’s Coffee newest branding, which is as beautiful as it is… unexpected. The reason for it being so unexpected? It uses Hobo as its main typeface. Hobo. A typeface most of us has grown to hate. But now look at it, in all its glory.
—Waving with an empty espresso cup, 
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