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Issue #50 — Words in Space

Friends! I couldn't be more thrilled! On the last issue, I've quietly mentioned setting up a Patreon
Coffee Table Typography
Issue #50 — Words in Space
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Friends! I couldn’t be more thrilled! On the last issue, I’ve quietly mentioned setting up a Patreon page looking for some support to continue with CTT, and some kind souls out there have pledged to do so ❤️
So from the bottom of my heart, Menges Design, Rafael Conde, Carlos Gavina, Gonçalo MoraisRik Ward and Richard Littauer — thank you for your trust and encouragement. You’ll be the first to get goodies and early access to type articles, so stay tuned! 
In other news, the great website for variable fonts playground, (V-Fonts), recently had over a dozen typefaces added, all from sweet type foundries you may know! How cool is this variable Wind Typeface demo?
Also worth checking out is Song Writers’ Fonts. The handwriting of Leonard Cohen, Bowie and a couple of other singers have been beautifully digitally recreated into digital typefaces… which means that you can finally have that letter from Kurt Cobain telling you how awesome your guitar skills are.
Recently, Zach Leatherman wrote about yet another fantastic CSS technique to load fonts, aptly named The Compromise, which is essentially a polyfill-free way of simulating a font-display: optional. I’ll cover it in more detail in the next issue, but in the meantime, have at it.
Until next time, love words, ✍️
— Ricardo

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