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A Typographic Pourover

Say  👋 to a new and, hopefully, better newsletter delivery experience for you, type friends. Bear wit
Coffee Table Typography
A Typographic Pourover
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Say  👋 to a new and, hopefully, better newsletter delivery experience for you, type friends. Bear with me as I make the transition to another platform and re-brand this newsletter so I can continue to put in the insane effort it takes to make it. 
Variable Fonts have met motion design, but while I don’t get a piece of that in my free time, I’ve been weeping and falling in love with Inside The Head, a design/poetry project too beautiful to describe.  In type news, Typekit has welcomed XYZ Type Foundry, based in NY, which have a delicious typeface conveniently named Cortado, which happens to be my favourite coffee drink.
Pierrick Calvez recently published a beautiful essay/talk notes on the very essential components of a successful typography implementation on a digital medium. It promises you to give the most important aspects in just 5 minutes, and for once, I don’t find such a promise gimmicky or Buzzfeedy–as he did a fantastic job at it.
Another project not to miss is FutureFonts, which promises a more seamless and interactive communication between font designers and their users, with the opportunity to license typefaces while they’re still in progress. Follow them on Twitter for more updates. 
As ever, say no to decaff, and dream in beautiful, electric words ✍️
–Ricardo Magalhães

Eye Magazine editor John L. Walters and art director Simon Esterson talk issue number 94 and all things Eye | Monotype
Marvin Visions - A Typeface With Character
More recently, Mathieu himself wrote a fantastic and thorough insight into what took to build it, including all his learning steps, sharing tips on how to get started with type design. I will probably dissect it more on a later edition, but I’m leaving the link for your review for now anyway.
Typeface Du Jour ✍️
It would be silly not to mention Amster Versal Iluminada by Francisco Gálvez, which is for sure not your usual typeface or single font family. I couldn’t describe it better than the author himself:
Inspired in vernacular printed news sheets that circulated in Chile by the end of 19th century, Amster Versal Iluminada is a set of carefully illuminated, multi-layered capitals that capture personages from natural and supranatural stories: Animals and farmers, priests and devils, citizen and drunks, victims and criminals, all dance together in this wondrous bestiary of letters, ideal to create poetic atmospheres, and stimulate readers’ imagination.
It is indeed, a collection of beautifully illustrated capital letters, which are as unique as unique can be. PampaType also has an interesting range of other typefaces (as in, complete ones) worth exploring.
On the Coffee Scene ☕️
Brew Ratios Around the World | La Marzocco
Let me know what you think of this new format, type friends! And any feedback at all will be met with the deepest possible kindness.
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