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#49 — Coffee Lids and Cyrillic Eggs

I'm sure by now you've heard about the new typeface for Netflix, adequately named Netflix Sans. What
Coffee Table Typography
#49 — Coffee Lids and Cyrillic Eggs
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I’m sure by now you’ve heard about the new typeface for Netflix, adequately named Netflix Sans. What you might not have seen is the thought presented by the Klim Type Foundry about the “real deal” with companies doing their own typeface design these days, as some kind of stunt. Certainly some very interesting food for thought in that Twitter thread.
I also came across the website for Nova Type Foundry, which is genuinely a very striking piece of design. Make sure to check Artigo, a fantastic old-style typeface developed by the very talented Portuguese type designer Joana Correia.
And no less interesting is Paw Poulsen’s work, getting some news last week about how he turned Bill Gates, Elton John and other celebrities into typefaces.  And just in the odd case you missed it, IBM’s new Plex typeface is finally available with a wonderfully weird website on display. It’s so weird in fact, I can barely use it, but Plex itself is certainly interesting. A very subtle Grotesque typeface which I have a feeling will age well.
(finally, I’d like to whisper you to stay tuned for some exciting updates regarding this newsletter — I’m silently setting up a Patreon page where, hopefully, I’ll succeed in convincing some of you to help me with more ambitious goals for this little typographical corner. Stay tuned.)
As always, sip mindfully,
— Ricardo M.

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True story, set in Noe Display
True story, set in Noe Display
I’ve instantly fallen in love with Noe Display, a gorgeous display typeface created by the foundry Schick Toikka, which is based in Berlin and Helsinki. (Funny enough, their Berlin studio is within walking distance from my previous home in Berlin—small world, the typographical one).
It might be a Display typeface, but it comes in no less than 8 weights, from Regular to Black including italics, which is incredibly versatile for a display. The serifs just scream charisma and have copious amounts of contrast, which is also why I love their own description of what constitutes a Display typeface:
The term ‘display’ is reserved for a category of type that is unapologetically expressive. When letters are large, there is room for them to wave their own peculiar flag, to project their personal voice at full volume. Noe Display speaks with clarity and confidence, but the point isn’t simply to shout. Its strong will is tempered by a graceful discipline.
Pay it a visit, admire its shapes, drool. You can check out its type specimen here, but the real fun part is watching it in use
PS: my bike wasn’t stolen. Phew.
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