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#44 — Dashes for Lashes 🍁

Coffee Table Typography
#44 — Dashes for Lashes 🍁
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We’re back 👋 It’s been a month since the last issue, and as always, the new year also brings up a reflection on what currently keeps me busy and where my energy and dedication goes into. Typography played such a big role in my life last year, despite it not being related with my day job (except, maybe for web fonts). I’d love for this newsletter to grow a little outside of its newsletter-y scope, so please feel free to send some encouragement words as I attempt to find the hours and the mental space to turn this into something bigger and more meaningful.
Earlier last week, I’ve published the Typography on the Subway article, which went unexpectedly viral — and I’m so grateful to everyone who loved it and shared it ❤️ for something pretty niche, it was a good reminder that people from any background will appreciate something written and researched with dedication and passion! I’m hoping to spend more time creating this year, rather than just sharing, and this also serves as an invitation for you to do the same…!
“And what about coffee?”, I hear you ask. Okay, so here are the stats: in 2017 I’ve consumed 938 cups of coffee, averaging 78/month. I’m not sure if I want to get those numbers down, this year; I don’t regret any of these. Okay, maybe that one I had at 10pm, that day.

6 Typefaces That Changed How We See the World
The Alphabet typeface (2001)
The Alphabet typeface (2001)
Improving text readability for dyslexic users with skip-ink underlines
How skip-ink avoids touching the character shape (in Georgian, I believe?)
How skip-ink avoids touching the character shape (in Georgian, I believe?)
Regarding the Em Dash - The Millions
The Atoms of Typography: The Secrets You Can Learn from Type Designers
Typeface Du Jour ✍️
One of Berlin’s favourite foundries, Atlas Font Foundry, has recently released through MyFonts Edit Serif Pro, a super family with humanist serif shapes which go fantastically well with body body text and big, bold headlines. It’s a very complete family, both in terms of glyphs numbers (1540 for each style) and as far as versatility goes, since its 12 styles will be suitable to any text hierarchy one could possible need.
I love how its bolder versions look so organic on big font sizes:
It also seems to be on sale for the next couple of days on MyFonts, so go and check it out very soon.
On the Coffee Scene ☕️
Coffee Used As Extortion Tool By Italian Crime Families
2017, In thank yous
Running this newsletter by myself doesn’t come easy, and I’m eternally grateful to everyone who occasionally sends me links or mentions resources that could be of interest, as well as to those who promote Coffee Table Typography. So in a spur of gratitude, and in no particular order, 
Gonçalo, Marion, Rik, Guðrún and Miguel, thank you for all the messages and emails with recommendations! Fernando M., Kevin and Rafael at, Noemi at FreshFonts, thank you for helping spreading the word ❤️
—Waving from my kitchen counter,
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