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#43 — Dashing Swashes for 🎄

Coffee Table Typography
#43 — Dashing Swashes for 🎄
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👋 type friends!
Bethany Heck did wonders again reviewing a typeface, Domaine this time around. Font Review Journal is, by far and large, my new favourite source not just of font reviews, but also on how to write and describe anything beautifully.
Huge Inc., the massive design agency that you’re probably already familiar with, recently received a design revamp with “Huge”, their own bold looking typeface which is worthy of being explored in their case study. I love it maybe a bit more than I should…! Bold type at its finest.
A special shoutout to the fantastic people behind The League of The Moveable Type, too. They’ve released a whole new website, new courses, and a new podcast episode. Highly recommended, and a well deserved hats off for such an incredible amount of work done 👏
TYPE Mag also published a very interesting article recently about IBM’s new typeface and thoughts on challenging its predecessor, Helvetica. Is IBM after the dream of turning Plex into the new Helvetica? Well, it looks like it is, and we’ll be here to follow it!
Heads up! I most likely will be taking a break from the newsletter for the holidays. It’s time to get some old projects out of the backlog and get back on the horse with writing, too. In the meantime, you can always drop me a line with suggestions/feedback about what you’d like to see in 2018!

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With a pinch of cinnamon,
Ricardo M.
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