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🦃 42: Blank Pages and Coffee Stains

Last week, my mind was blown away by the announcement of the virtual Museum Of Type, a type explorati
Coffee Table Typography
🦃 42: Blank Pages and Coffee Stains
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Last week, my mind was blown away by the announcement of the virtual Museum Of Type, a type exploration app using VR / Mixed Media. The design process and design implementations are available in a thorough article by Dong Park, but it’s the overall idea of teaching and learning about typography this way that got me thinking laterally again. Yes, books are fantastic, but VR? Education, time to step up your game!
If you’re looking for some calligraphy inspiration, this fat–face ornamented ampersand has had me drooling all over it for the past few hours; and make sure to follow Jamie Clarke Type on Instagram for more sweet, sweet typographical goodness.
Recently, Victoria Rushton published her curated list of typefaces designed by women, which is nothing short of a fantastic initiative. In fact, Victoria’s calligraphy work itself is worth checking out on its own.
You may remember that a year ago, I wrote this article about the fascinating story of the Chinese typewriters; using the work of Thomas Mullaney as most of my research basis. Well, now he finally released an entire book about the Chinese typewriter, and I can’t wait to get it myself!

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Typeface Du Jour ✍️
Eros Text, from Sharp Type, is a beautiful Dutch Oldstyle, a carefully crafted typeface. The most interesting aspect of it is probably coming in two variations, A and B, which contain effectively different x-heights. From the foundry:
…it draws inspiration from unlikely sources. 2500 years of type history coalesces smartly into a contemporary Dutch serif, incorporating elements of Roman square capitals and adaptations of digital era micro-typography. 
It’s pretty amazing to see such features in action, so do take a look at it in action. The italic y descender is one of the most gracious I’ve seen, falling beautifully way beyond its initial ascender vertical line.
On the Coffee Scene ☕️
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