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§40: Pumpkin Glyphs 🎃

Earlier this week, the fantastic people behind @TypeEd tweeted a brilliant  thread on the meaning of
Coffee Table Typography
§40: Pumpkin Glyphs 🎃
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Earlier this week, the fantastic people behind @TypeEd tweeted a brilliant  thread on the meaning of typography that I’d love to share with you in its entirety:
Typographic mastery is not about knowing the hard and fast rules, its about working with restraint and finesse. Good typography is like playing a piece of music: The handling of rhythm, pacing, form, spacing, balance, and structure will communicate melody and harmony. Typography rules depend on typeface and format size. Proportion and ratios create harmony. That’s why mindset is more important than the hard and fast rules. Because the most effective communication is a result of not only what you say, but how you say it.
If there has ever been a definition and justification for good typography, this is it — with the added bonus of fitting in 7 tweets. Let’s unpack the comparison with music, which I always thought of as well fitting. You may not know how to play the piano, but you can hear it when it’s out of tune. Part of our job as people of words, design, letters, is to educate and help train the untrained eyes. Yes, there is a place for the hard and fast rules of course, but ultimately, it’s how the message is delivered that makes the difference.
As for type news, Zach Leatherman keeps leading the board when it comes to keeping tabs with CSS font loading strategies; his webfont loading strategies now live in its own repo. And a decent Reedit thread on optical kerning vs. metric kerning was quite insightful as well. And lastly, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Eye Magazine’s little insight into their latest favourite book typographic details.
Enjoy this week’s selection, and happy Halloween!

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