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The Chomp #064: OOO

The Chomp
The Chomp #064: OOO
By Cody McCauley  • Issue #64 • View online
Hey Everyone 👋 ,
Welcome back to The Chomp—your biweekly dose of the top emerging business trends and the best strategic thinking content from the internet and beyond.
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Quick PSA
I’m traveling for vacation this week and will be taking some time to reset, so new article to share this week.
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Chris Bakke
Building a $100m company:

1980s: After selling 94% of your company to VCs for a $3m check and spending 15 years to get $50m in revenue, your co is worth $100m.

2020s: After spending 2 years at Stripe, where you were promoted twice, you buy a domain and your co is worth $100m.
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On April 28th, 2003, Apple launched the iTunes music store. The store initially started selling music for $.99 a song, forever changing the music industry. (Source)
“What convinces is conviction. You simply have to believe in the argument you are advancing: if you don’t, you’re as good as dead”
— Robert Caro
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The Chomp is a roundup of the most interesting content I've read, along with occasional musings on technology and the world. You can expect to find a mix of sub-topics including web3, tech, investing, philosophy, and culture.

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