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The Chomp #061

The Chomp
The Chomp #061
By Cody McCauley  • Issue #61 • View online
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Last week, we had our first 65+ degree day of the year in New York. When this day arrives each year, and we New Yorkers take our first step outside into the sun, we’re rewarded with confirmation that grinding through yet another brutal Northeastern winter was worth it. There’s no place we’d rather be at that moment. It’s a special feeling and one that never gets old. But this year it felt different—really different. Like a new beginning, of sorts. 
We’re not out of the woods with Covid yet by any means, but with each passing day, the end feels nearer. Our post-pandemic world is coming within reach. Excitement abounds as vaccine doses are continuously doled out. Should President Biden’s words become reality, Covid restrictions could be broadly lifted across the country by the 4th of July. 
With the realization that this surreal time is coming to its close, I’ve been pondering the types of advantages people will rely on to break out from the pack in this new world. There are sure to be winners and losers, and building momentum early will be key to getting ahead. 
From my perspective, accessibility will be the biggest advantage at play. Those who are most accessible as the world re-opens will gain an edge. Over the past year, the phrase “let’s get together once we safely can” has been repeated ad nauseam. That time is now quickly approaching. And those who make themselves the most accessible are those who will become top of mind. And those who become top of mind will be those best placed to seize on new opportunities. 
So, as the world opens back up, make yourself accessible. Start planning out what your availability will look like. To anyone I’ve made tentative plans with to get together “once we safely can”, consider those plans concrete on my end. To anyone I haven’t made plans with, I’ll be accessible. I can’t wait to see you.
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On March 16, 1995, The world’s first WikiWikiWikiWeb was created as Ward Cunningham invited people to add and edit content. Cunningham has said the inspiration for the name Wiki came from the Wiki Wiki Shuttle bus he learned of during a trip to Hawaii. (Source)
“Power, Lord Acton said, corrupts. Not always. What power always does is reveal.“
— Robert Caro
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