What's your burnout index? + How to Making Accessible Custom Components + Make More Money, Be More Valued


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February 16 · Issue #34 · View online

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Happy Sunday everyone!
Take this free 2-minute quiz to find your Burnout Index.
The burnout levels of the tech industry are high and real. It asks you about your emotions and perceptions regarding your current job.
My burnout index was MID. I made some changes to my career recently. I’m pretty sure it would have been high if I took it last year.
Take the quiz and make sure you are taking care of yourself. ❤️
Best wishes,
Veni Kunche

🎉 Get Inspired
How Erika Hairston created an app to connect women in tech How Erika Hairston created an app to connect women in tech
🙏 Words of Wisdom
Latesha Byrd, Career Coach
{THREAD} How to secure your spot in next round interviews by asking these 9 questions, with reasons.

1) In your opinion, what are the top 3 skills necessary to do well in this role & why?

*This helps you tailor your answers & demonstrate those skills to each interviewer*...1/
Read the full thread!
Susana Benavidez
I wish recruiters stopped asking "What is your expected salary" My response "I gauge how serious a comp is about hiring me based on what they provide. I look forward to hearing what they are offering. You can share your range + I'll let you know if I'd continue this conversation"
The worst outcome of creating and sharing your work is that nobody cares but if someone does then you've succeeded. This imo, is the biggest reason to just go ahead, the downside is likely already there (nobody cares). You have nothing to lose.
🖥️ Learn
My Favorite Resource for Making Accessible Custom Components by Ashlee Boyer My Favorite Resource for Making Accessible Custom Components by Ashlee Boyer
Let’s talk Neumorphism and Accessibilityby Uyen Vicky Vo
Demystifying Browsers by Eric Lawrence
How To Plan Scalable CSS for Large Projects? by Jen Chan
Why I prefer rem over em by Jenn
The ECMAScript Ecosystem by Laurie Barth
JavaScript Promise and its states? by Deeksha Sharma
What’s a Headless CMS and Why Should You Care? by Gift Egwuenu
How I'm Mastering Node by Radhika Morabia
Mac commands in VSCode: A requiem for Windows by Jill Poole
📝 Career
Salary Negotiation: Make More Money, Be More Valued by Patrick McKenzie
How to Get a Developer Job When You're Blind by Florian Beijers
5 Crucial Tips for Managing Up at Work by Stacy-Marie Ishmael
🤩 Discover
Tiny Helpers Tiny Helpers
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