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Therese Tucker, bootstrapped to a billion + DevOps and Git Workflows explained + Developing Structure in Your Self-Taught Journey

Hey everyone! October is turning out to be a busy but fun month for me. I'm participating in the Wome

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A newsletter by and for underrepresented coders

Hey everyone!
October is turning out to be a busy but fun month for me. I’m participating in the Women Make Just f*ing ship it challenge. You get 30 days to define a project, build it and launch it.
I participated last year. It was super fun to build along with the community. It is one of the main reasons I was able to ship Diversify Tech so quickly.
I am going to continue working on Diversify Tech this year. I’ll start either today or tomorrow. You are welcome to join. Anyone can join but underrepresented folks are put at the forefront.
P.S. No newsletter next week. I’m going home to celebrate my niece’s 1st bday!

🎉 Get Inspired
Therese Tucker, bootstrapped to a billion!
🙏 Words of Wisdom
Brittney (she/her) 🧠👩🏾‍💻✊🏾💅🏾
It’s easy to get discouraged when you look around and nobody looks like you. This field was not built for me. But I’m building a bridge for those who will walk the path after me. I aim to inspire. Representation matters!!
#WomenWhoCode #cltdevs #Expert #SoftwareEngineer
jordan 👨🏾‍💻
The best advice I can give someone learning to code is to remain patient

Don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress by trying to learn everything under the sun in one day

Embrace your lack of knowledge now because one day you’re going to wish you didn’t know as much as you did
🖥️ Learn
DevOps and Git Workflows explained with Adrienne Tacke and Phil Haack DevOps and Git Workflows explained with Adrienne Tacke and Phil Haack
SQL queries don't start with SELECT by Julia Evans
How CSS Works Under the Hood by Hoang Nguyen
Library vs service: who controls change? by Jessica Joy Kerr
Using Machine Learning In UI/UX With BrainJS by Milecia McG
GraphQL Tutorials for Frontend Developers
GatsbyJS Themes: Ready, Set, Gatsby by Brittney Ball
📝 Career
Developing Structure in My Self-Taught Journey by Courtney Pure
4 Non Design/Tech Books That Help My Career by Stéphanie Walter
☕ Interesting Reads
Employers Used Facebook to Keep Women and Older Workers From Seeing Job Ads. The Federal Government Thinks That’s Illegal. by Ariana Tobin
Sight beyond Sight... How Blind Software Engineers Make It Work by Nerando A Johnson
✨ Resources & Opportunities
Git Cute Podcast
The podcast has two interview collaborations in the pipeline! One for October, the other for November. If you think you would be a good fit for the podcast, send an email or message. ✨💫
Morgan DeBaun
I’m so inspired by all the amazing Black women in computing I’m meeting at #GHC19! You all are the future and I want to support your growth!

I’m giving 10 Free ticket scholarships to women engineers who want to attend @AfroTech in Nov. Apply here:
Mario Rodriguez
Just launched a little MVP to collect and list people interested in being guests on podcasts. Please check it out and add yourself if interested.
Neo4j Online Developer Conference (NODES 2019)
🤩 Discover
Tech Queens • A podcast by By Frances Coronel
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