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Diversify Tech

January 26 · Issue #32 · View online

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Do you ever get caught up in the big vision and get overwhelmed?
I bought the domain a few months back. I need a central place to list the things that I’m working on like this newsletter and Diversify Tech. I also need a blog where I can talk about things that don’t quite fit into coding or diversity.
I overcomplicated it. I’m embarrassed at the amount of time I spent on trying out different static-site generators and templates. 😀
What I want is simple. A page to list my work and a page for a blog post (I have an exciting announcement to make!)
A reminder to myself and to you: reduce scope and start small.
It’s easy to get caught up in the big vision and get overwhelmed. Start with the smallest thing that you can think of. Put it out in the world. Add more when you can.
I reduced the scope for my site. I built the first version in a few hours. I’ll publish it soon. I’ll build on it as I find the time.
Happy Coding!

🎉 Get Inspired
From Consultancy To Product Company Charlie Gerard on Software Engineering Unlocked
🙏 Words of Wisdom
Sarah Drasner
I’ve noticed a lot of what looks like magical capabilities in other people is preparation and experience
Tatiana Mac
Documentation suffers from our collective fear of writing something too simple or overstated.

Impact? The same 10 articles, written by the 3 same people dominate search results. They become heros.

People who don’t get it/think differently are turned away.

Write that article.
🖥️ Learn
How I Learned to Code by Radhika Morabia
A simple design process for developers or non-designers by Desiré
Introduction to Node.js
Train your CSS skills with online games by Francesco Leardini
SQL: Union Operator by Wendy Calderon
Storing Context in Commit Messages by Chelsea Troy
Free illustrations resources for the web by Kedar K
Queueing Emails With Python, Redis Queue And Twilio SendGrid by Tilde A. Thurium
Choosing a Style Library for Your React Project by Becca Lee
Truthy and Falsy Values in Python: A Detailed Introduction by Estefania Cassingena Navone
Definition of DevOps by Jessica Joy Kerr
Free Android Resources by MJ
Top 10 Most Useful Linux Commands by Coding Commanders
📝 Career
How To Interview Your Future Boss by Steph How To Interview Your Future Boss by Steph
Ali Spittel 🐞
So, I've interviewed a bunch of software engineers, done some interviews myself, and teach my students about interviewing.

Here's a thread of advice 👇🏻
Ace Python Interviews
Ayodele (eye-ya-deli) she/her
One of the hardest parts about going from aspiring Data Scientist to getting-paid-to-do-it Data Scientist is passing the DS interview. 🚀
#30DaysofThreads #BlackTechTwitter

Read more for my tips on impressing interviewers:
6 new habits I’m building to level up as a junior developer by Pauline
Get Hired: The System Design Interview, Explained by Sam
🤩 Discover
Command Line Heroes
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