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Kick imposter syndrome in the butt + Intro to Redux + Prioritizing


Diversify Tech: Spotlight

September 20 · Issue #21 · View online

A newsletter highlighting underrepresented folks in tech

Hey everyone,
We were featured in Smashing Magazine’s newsletter! 🎉
As we have a lot of new subscribers, I want to reintroduce myself. I am a part-time Sr. Software Engineer at the US Geological Survey where I mainly do backend development.
I am a part-time solo startup founder working on Diversify Tech where I work on whatever that needs to be done (marketing, coding, writing). I am also a mom to a 2 year old who keeps me up at night these days 😊.
Through out my career of 16 years, I was either the only woman or person of color in tech at my company. I have never had a co-worker who looks like me. I started Code with Veni in 2016 to reach out to other women in tech.
It has evolved since then. In order to be inclusive, I’ve made it for all underrepresented coders. As I believe that representation matters, more than 50% of this newsletter features content written by underrepresented folks in tech.
Happy reading!

🎉 Get Inspired
Meet Danielle Smalls: she uses machine learning for anti-human trafficking investigations online.
🙏 Words of Wisdom
Aubrey Blanche
I've been talked down to for being "not technical". Last week I launched a tech product, and this week I'm deep in R code analyzing study results.

If you're getting into tech, remember that "not technical" is gatekeeping and gaslighting, not a reflection on your capability.
Nikema Prophet(she/her)
Don't underestimate the power of taking small steps consistently and documenting them. That's why challenges like the #21DayCkChallenge and #100DaysOfCode are so powerful. You get momentum and form a habit of doing. I feel so good about my progress over the past few weeks.
🖥️ Learn
An intro to Redux and how state is updated in a Redux application by Syeda Aimen Batool An intro to Redux and how state is updated in a Redux application by Syeda Aimen Batool
My First Year as a Software Engineer by Lekha Surasani
Understanding Specificity in CSS by Jess Mitchell
Migrating to the latest TypeScript release by Gabrielle Crevecoeur
3 ways to get test automation done within your sprints by Angie Jones
Discord Bots Starter Kit: Making your first bot, easy by Melissa McEwen
The 100 Best Free Online Courses of All Time by Dhawal Shah
📝 Career
Marisa Morby
If you've wanted to speak at a conference but couldn't get past the hurdle of writing a proposal, check this out.

Here are the steps to take you from a talk idea to a written proposal you can submit:
Kick imposter syndrome in the butt by Alicia Barrett
Document Yourself: A Framework for Career Advancement by Michelle Brenner
From Engineering To Product And Back Again with Denise Yu by Storytime With Managers
10 Things to Do Before #GHC19 by Sundas Khalid
☕ Interesting Reads
6 ways minimalism can help you write clean code by Paula Santamaría 6 ways minimalism can help you write clean code by Paula Santamaría
Prioritizing by David Alicea
The (One) Time I Had a Black Manager by Meka Seymour
Yak Shaving: On Doing the Work Before the Work by Jason Lengstorf
🤩 Discover
HIROBYTES by Hiro Nishimura
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