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Don't give up before you start + Machine learning basics for developers + How to get your first promotion


Diversify Tech

September 13 · Issue #44 · View online

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Hi friends,
How are you? I’m doing ok. Some days are good. Some days are tough.
It’s been hard to focus with everything that is going on in the world. I’m doing the best I can and trying to be more forgiving of myself and others.
On the business side, things are going better than I expected. Once COVID hit, I thought I choose the wrong time to quit my job to work on Diversify Tech. Thankfully, it turned out to be the right time.
If you are on the job hunt, do check out our job board and add yourself to the talent directory. We have a lot of new roles and a lot of recruiters are keeping an eye on the talent directory.
This newsletter is always fun to put together. I hope you enjoy it as well!

🎉 Get Inspired
Meet the computer scientist and activist who got Big Tech to stand down Meet the computer scientist and activist who got Big Tech to stand down
🙏 Words of Wisdom
Latesha Byrd, Career Coach
I don't know who needs to hear this, please don't give up before you start.

And stop talking yourself out of trying.
Name cannot be blank
For the record: No one was born a developer, we all started by learning from scratch...
Em 💫
One of the best interview tips I've ever been given is, when asked:

❓'What is your expected salary?'

respond with:

❔'What is your salary range for this role?'
I’ve had so many coding problems and headaches just bc I didn’t read documentation or I didn’t read it all the way through.

Read the docs y’all.
🖥️ Learn
Machine Learning Basics for Developers by Milecia McGregor Machine Learning Basics for Developers by Milecia McGregor
How To Start Reviewing Code by Shubheksha Jalan
Pick your serving size of web accessibility information by Amberley Romo
Recursion 101 with JavaScript by Natalie Galligan
Vim as a Word Processor by Coding Commanders
Sibling State with React Hooks by Laurie Barth
How To Use Redux in your React TypeScript App by Ibrahima Ndaw
What’s a Headless CMS and Why Should You Care? by Gift Egwuenu
📝 Career
How To Get Your First Promotion by Meezy How To Get Your First Promotion by Meezy
10 Questions I'm Asking All Companies Before Scheduling Any Interviews by Ashlee M Boyer
Questions you should ask THEM in a Data Science Interview by Monica P.
Your Ultimate Tech Resume Guide by Tiffin
3 Ideas For Networking Beyond The Room + Zoom by J. Kelly Hoey
🤩 Discover
April Speight

My very first book, Bite-Size Python: An Introduction to Python Programming has published! 📚

That's right - isn't it pretty? This book will be shipping soon!

Here's a link to some retailers:

Thanks for your support 🙌🏾
Hi I wrote a book!

It's called Working in Public, and it's the story of modern open source and its implications for online communities and the creator economy.

Now available for pre-order on Amazon:
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🙏 Thanks for reading!
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