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Diversify Tech

April 18 · Issue #46 · View online

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Hey all,
It’s been a while since I sent this newsletter. I have no sense of time these days. My one month break for the holidays turned into a 5 month break 😆
I am excited to restart it! One big change is that I am moving this newsletter to the Diversify Tech brand. I feel a little sad to let go of It is what started my new career path into entrepreneurship but it makes sense to move everything into one place.
I will be sending this once a month. The focus will remain the same of highlighting people who are underrepresented in tech.
Happy reading! I hope this brings a little joy and inspiration with everything going in the world right now. 💜

🎉 Get Inspired
Maya Gold Patterson, Twitter Spaces Designer, On Changing Career Plans Maya Gold Patterson, Twitter Spaces Designer, On Changing Career Plans
🙏 Words of Wisdom
Suz Hinton
if you're feeling tension or anxiety about completing a task or contributing to a technical conversation because you know you have some relevant knowledge gaps, this is good self awareness and not imposter syndrome. If you're new to any domain you're likely going to feel this way
🖥️ Learn
Web design for neurodiversity: Creating a more inclusive web by Kalina Tyrkiel
Get better at programming by learning how things work by Julia Evans
How to Learn from Tutorials the Right Way – and Not Get Trapped in Tutorial Hell by Jessica Wilkins
Introduction to SEO for Developers by Stephanie Morillo
How to use React Query with React and GraphQL by Ibrahima Ndaw
Git: Delete Multiple Branches by Gift Egwuenu
📝 Career
How I Switched From QA to Software Engineer How I Switched From QA to Software Engineer
What I learned from failing my technical interviews by Farhana
Surviving online hackathons as a Developer Advocate by Amruta Ranade
Questions you should ask THEM in a Data Science Interview by Monica P.
How to survive remote onboarding by Pauline
🤩 Discover
Ifeoma Imoh's Programming Channel
🙏 Thanks for reading!
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