🌱 #100DaysOfProjects + Angie Jones Becomes the First-Ever Black Female Java Champion + How To Manage Your Time


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July 26 · Issue #43 · View online

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Hey everyone,
As I mentioned last time, I’ve changed this to a monthly newsletter for now. A month sure does feel like a long time. A lot has happened since then.
I finally got some childcare help since the pandemic started. It’s given me some much needed rest. It has also given me a chance to refocus on my business.
I’ve been making my way through small improvements to Diversify Tech’s website. I added categories to the job board and the talent directory so it’s easier to filter by role. If you are looking for a new job, do check it out. We have seen a surge in job postings.
It’s been nice to have a more normal schedule. I feel lucky.
I hope you are doing well and managing ok with everything that is going on. I hope this newsletter gives you some inspiration. 💜

🎉 Get Inspired
Angie Jones Becomes the First-Ever Black Female Java Champion Angie Jones Becomes the First-Ever Black Female Java Champion
🙏 Words of Wisdom
Nitya | #MSCreate https://aka.ms/mscreate Jul 29
I have been thinking about this for a while now .. and I wanted to share my thoughts .. let me know what you think.

My belief:
We are all lifelong beginners. We need to redefine the word as one that empowers people and not undermines or reduces their contribution.

A thread. https://t.co/LpOhIYNcL1
meezy 👩🏾‍💻
learning a new coding language is often a slow process, but quitting won’t speed it up! slow progress is still progress. keep going.
🖥️ Learn
🌱 #100DaysOfProjects by Ceora Ford 🌱 #100DaysOfProjects by Ceora Ford
How to write an image description by Alex Chen
A simple introduction to REST and how to get started by Rethabile Segoe
Adding Tags to Gatsby Blog by Julia Pottinger
Vue Named Slot Shorthand by Samantha Ming
Understanding undeclared, undefined, and null in JavaScript by Sophia Li
Jenell Pizarro
I'm teaching an intermediate web development class online in August as a part of @blackorlandotch!

Course includes:
- Flexbox & Grid
- Intro to JavaScript
- Translating design to code
- and more!

A paid course that gives your money back on completion!

A sentiment analysis of BTS songs by Julie Chen
Sorting Algorithms Using Python by Narmada
📝 Career
How To Manage Your Time by Jordan Harrod How To Manage Your Time by Jordan Harrod
How Ruthless Prioritization is Helping Me Stay Focused by Stephanie Morillo
Live LeetCode Practice Interview for Software Engineers by Lusen
Portfolio Redesign Part 1: Ideas by Tiffany R. White
The Ultimate Guide To Memorable Tech Talks by Nina Zakharenko
Creative challenges with Alyssa X
How to Determine Your Tech Salary Ask by April Speight
Recruiter Javier Dutan offers advice for juniors looking for jobs during the pandemic on the Tech Jr Podcast
🤩 Discover
Greater Than Code: The Human Side of Technology Greater Than Code: The Human Side of Technology
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