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Coderfit • weekly thoughts on tech, coding and careers - Issue #9


Coderfit • knowledge bits on tech, coding and careers

March 9 · Issue #9 · View online

Curated commentary on articles that help you grow as a professional.

Coronavirus is still topic number one in the news. Rightfully so. It is growing 10x a week, any startup would be jealous about this growth. The stock market isn’t doing great either. Some say, the market has been too nice for too long. Here a very difficult talk on 200 years of market drawdowns. It is by Robert Frey, an Realworldrisk Institute instructor. Due to the current situation, you should be on your toes. One of the firms I work with told me last week they went bankrupt… No matter what your mother tells you, jobs aren’t secure in a crisis. Let’s dig into some food for thought:

Not being an asshole will make you more money
Simple Systems Have Less Downtime
Postgres Explain Visualizer 2
Please stop recommending Git Flow!
Ask HN: How do I escape webdev?
Do whatever you can't stop thinking about
On being a generalist
Pair Programming Economics
End notes
Wash your hands.
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