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Coderfit • unleash your tech career - Issue #2


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January 20 · Issue #2 · View online

Curated commentary on articles that help you grow as a professional.

This week’s content: We will learn about how to succeed in the real world, fight depression, how to be successful through deep work, how to make Python faster, effective alternatives to daily scrums, and we will laugh at how AI is supposed to measure our abilities 🤦🏻‍♂️. Let’s go 👇

Ask HN: What has your work taught you that other people don't realize?
How to Cope With Depression
Making Python Programs Faster
Sam Altman on Twitter: "How To Be Successful (At Your Career)"
Being a Solo Founder: Pros, Cons, Tips & Tricks
Deploy your serverless side-projects on Google Cloud Run
Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes
Are Daily Scrum meetings worth it?
Language Learning with this Netflix extension
A new obstacle to landing a job: Getting approved by AI
End notes, and how to help to grow this community
After reading this email you now know that real life success can (sadly) be about whom you know. How to fight depression by doing deep work. How to make Python code faster by avoiding certain commands. How to push through to be successful (as a solo founder). How to use Google Cloud Run, and maybe forget Kubernetes while doing so. Which direct questions can replace daily scrums. How to learn a new human language with Netflix and double subtitles. How we’re supposed to get used to “AI recruitment”, a thing only “intellektuals” could come up with. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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