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Hey friends! I’m sharing with you a lot of resources about web development that will help you to improve your skills and save time !
Git 🔧
As you know as a web developer Git is an essential tool.
🕹 <Game />
Two important things about CSS is :
🕹 <Game />
Grid Garden - A game for learning CSS grid layout
🕹 <Game />
Flexbox Froggy - A game for learning CSS flexbox
Learn about this famous text editor across a game! Yes in fact it’s possible!
🕹 <Game />
Learn VIM while playing a game - VIM Adventures
Regex 🔣
Who loves and knows 100 % about Regex? Yes, it’s a pain to learn this and apply them.
Across these resources you will :
Learn Regex
🛠 <Tools />
CheatList about Regex Pattern (email, password, phone number, etc..) 👇
🛠 <Tools />
i Hate Regex - The Regex Cheat Sheet
Javascript 🖥️
Just one resource about Javascript, I will share with you the BEST resource about learning javascript Properly
🛠 <Tools />
The Modern JavaScript Tutorial
?Quizz of the week
Answer + explication 👇
Answer: A
Note that the value of diameter is a regular function, whereas the value of perimeter is an arrow function.
With arrow functions, the this keyword refers to its current surrounding scope, unlike regular functions! This means that when we call perimeter, it doesn’t refer to the shape object, but to its surrounding scope (window for example).
There is no value radius on that object, which returns NaN.
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