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Weekly CodeOz #Webdev - Javascript Event Loop - Issue #1

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Javascript Event Loop

Welcome to this first issue of my newsletter!
Today we will be a focus on Javascript event loop!
A lot of people that learn javascript skip or misunderstood the behavior of the Event loop, which can lead to mistakes in asynchronous!
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JS illustrated: The event loop 🔁 | by John Kapantzakis | Frontend Weekly | Medium
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JavaScript Event Loop And Call Stack Explained
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✨♻️ JavaScript Visualized: Event Loop - DEV Community
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What the heck is the event loop anyway? | Philip Roberts | JSConf EU
📰 <Article />
Understanding Asynchronous JavaScript | by Sukhjinder Arora | Bits and Pieces
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?Quizz of the week
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Answer: B
This is possible in JavaScript, because functions are objects! (If something is not a primitive value, it’s an Object)
A function is a special type of object. The code you write yourself isn’t the actual function. The function is an object with properties. This property is invocable.
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