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By Christian McCarrick

Tech Leadership Weekly - Issue #113





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Tech Leadership Weekly

August 10 · Issue #113 · View online

Weekly digest of leadership & management articles, videos, podcasts, quotes and tweets geared toward technology leaders. (Tech leads, engineering managers/directors/VPs)

About me: Startup technology & product leader, CTO / VP of Engineering

Managing remotely, while remotely managing - Speaker Deck
The Simple Tool That Revives Employee Motivation | First Round Review
How my role as CTO has changed as we've grown to 100 engineers
Navigating Team Friction | Lara Hogan
Proper Expectation Setting and Mindful Communication with Lara Hogan - Simple Leadership
Kevin Goldsmith on Architecture and Organizational Design | GitPrime Blog
How F*cked Up Is Your Management?: An uncomfortable conversation about modern leadership: Johnathan Nightingale, Melissa Nightingale: 9780995964303: Books
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