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Weekly newsletter of Clo Willaerts - Flying Taxis, Project Pegasus, and the Day the Good Internet Died

Clo Willaerts
Clo Willaerts
Hello there! It’s been a while… I’ve moved from Nuzzel to Revue as my email platform. I’m still playing with the bubble wrap, so this interface may change over the next few issues.
In any case: it’s good to be back!

bnox: My Beach Does Not Exist
bnox: Lilium’s Gorgeous Flying Taxis
Project Pegasus - Individuals listed, targeted, or compromised - 🟧Sourceful
bnox: Dave Blair’s The Light Herder Kinetic Sculpture
The Day the Good Internet Died
bnox: Happy 25th Birthday, Internet Archive!
Bart Becks & Clo Willaerts - Powerpoint karaoke
Bart Becks & Clo Willaerts - Powerpoint karaoke
*old timey voice*
“I used to be famous, once. It was in the time of the good internet. Google Reader was still around, bloggers were powerful influencers, and tech geeks from all over the planet came together to create free, crowd-sourced events called Barcamps.
*coughing fit*
“During one of those Barcamps, the slides were made by Peter Van Wijnaarde, and the other speaker was my soon to be ex boss, Bart Becks. The recording was made by Maarten Schenk. Neither of us had seen the slides before, and the battle was ON!”
Kudos to Dominiek Leenknegt, who’s making plans to organize a Barcamp later this year!
Facebook wants to become King of the Metaverse
bnox: Hokusai’s Drawings of Everything at the British Museum
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Clo Willaerts
Clo Willaerts @bnox

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