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Chaos & Amazement ✴ Ampliganda, Robo-Voices, and the Politics of Piñatas

Thank you for the book tips! I’m in Izegem today at a Barcamp Unconference - mostly for old times’ sake.


Chaos & Amazement ✴ Axie Inifinity, Siri’s Birthday, and an Inconvenient Truth about AI

This week I’ve been mostly listening to ambient music: Angel’s Flight by Norwegian producer and composer Biosphere, Beyond Contact by German DJ and producer Vivian Koch, and II by Australian duo Wilson Tanner. What 2021 album recommendations do you have for...


Chaos & Amazement ✴ Beethoven’s 10th, the Etsy House, and Dayummmmm Max Verstappen!

I just finished « Project Hail Mary », an SF novel by Andy Weir (the author of The Martian). Loved it so much I genuinely hope they’ll make a movie based on it, too.Got any book tips for me? Let me know!


Chaos & Amazement ✴ Edible Baby Heads, Deepfaked Attenborough, and the Minipizza Batfish

My highpoint of the week was an unforgettable Dijf Sanders concert in the Roma (Antwerp). What was yours?


Chaos & Amazement ✴ AI Weapons, the Battle for Digital Privacy, and the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows

As Daniel Craig would say: “Ladies and Gentlemen: it’s the weekend.”


Chaos & Amazement ✴ Matrix 4 Marketing Genius, a Fosse Dance Tutorial, and the Museum of Bad Art

Had my first speaking assignment in a very long time. It felt good to be back and feel a room of actual human beings. Next week is going to be absolutely nuts!


Chaos & Amazement ✴ Epistemic Trespassing, the Internet Apocalypse, and Castles in the Cloud

Summer is over. Time to officially remember what day of the week it is!


Chaos & Amazement ✴ Like a Pro with Clo, Snapchat’s Scan, and Something Happened on the Ocean Floor

It was a Nalu-fueled week but I made it in one piece.


Chaos & Amazement ✴ OMG My New Book Is Out, Palantir’s Gold, and the Rainyscope

Literally yesterday the first copies of my new book were delivered to my door. It’s real!!! I’m celebrating with a 5-Day Video Marketing Challenge next week. More here


Chaos & Amazement ✴ - Issue #3 How to irritate Belgians, Dubai is a Joke, and How Sweden became the Silicon Valley of Europe

How to irritate Belgians with one sentence? According to Reddit, it’s “You will never make it”. My Twitter followers had some interesting additions to that premise…


Chaos & Amazement ✴ HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! , Microwaving Ambulances, and Freeze-Dried Sperm Postcards

I accidentally started writing a 5th book this week. It started as the student syllabus for my “Digital Culture” course at Karel de Grote College, but the past few weeks it has spawned and now it looks a lot like a regular book.Its 20-something chapters des...


Weekly newsletter of Clo Willaerts - Flying Taxis, Project Pegasus, and the Day the Good Internet Died

Hello there! It’s been a while… I’ve moved from Nuzzel to Revue as my email platform. I’m still playing with the bubble wrap, so this interface may change over the next few issues.In any case: it’s good to be back!