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Cloud, Compiled - Issue #44

Cloud, Compiled
Cloud, Compiled - Issue #44
By Mike Maney • Issue #44 • View online
On the Unclouded blog this week, we’re talking about imbalance in the market when it comes to meeting SMBs’ needs. Head on over!
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Around the Industry
  • Hotel California no more: following an outpouring of criticism from competitors and customers, AWS is making concessions on the pricing of outbound data transfers, but won’t sunset data egress charges entirely.
  • Multicloud is sweeping across industries, even sports. “I do believe that it is the right approach [and] something that we will look at certainly moving forward to make sure that we are mitigating risk,” says Michael Cole, CTO of golf’s European Tour and Ryder Cup.
  • Out of the frying pan and into the fire: Security researchers set up a “honeypot” of 320 misconfigured cloud instances in an effort to study how cyberattacks happen. Nearly all of them were compromised in less than 24 hours
  • Forget crypto-ransoms, the future of cloud-based cybercrime is compromised crypto-mining: Hackers used 86% of recently compromised Google Cloud accounts to perform the computationally-intensive process of mining digital coins. 
  • It’s not all dark clouds ahead: a recent survey of 2,000 IT leaders revealed that they trust cloud security practices more than those associated with their on-prem data infrastructures.
  • IT-benefits are great, but another strong case for cloud services is an advantage in the growing “experience economy.” 
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