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Cloud, Compiled - Issue #29

Cloud, Compiled
Cloud, Compiled - Issue #29
By Mike Maney • Issue #29 • View online
Deal or no deal? Why cloud’s partnership wave means more complexity for customers. And—welcome to the Hotel Cloud-ifornia?

Topline: Cloud’s cold war 
  • The frenemy of my frenemy is my what? As the cloud wars rage on, battles are now playing out on a different frontier. Providers are striking up exclusive deals with top software companies like Salesforce to get an edge on competitors, instigating a “cold war” within enterprise tech. As cloud vendors and software giants quietly join forces to bundle their services, customers are caught in the crossfire. With little insight into the details of these elaborate deals, users must navigate complex integrations to reap the benefits of these collaborations. “A lot of these tools, they don’t do much standalone,” said Linh Lam, CIO for mortgage tech at Intercontinental Exchange. “They have to be integrated into other tools to show their value. And that can get cumbersome.” 
By the numbers:
  • $10 billion: that’s the price tag on the NSA’s new cloud contract. But will this deal ever see the light of day? After losing the now-dead JEDI contract, Microsoft has challenged the NSA’s choice, stalling the deal until October and adding another hold up to Uncle Sam’s much needed cloud upgrades. 
What you need to know: 
  • Popular cloud providers are trustworthy—until they aren’t. A new survey from Linode and ClearPath Strategies reveals there’s growing mistrust of the Big 3, due in part to questionable ethics like stifling competition, misusing user data and focusing on shareholders more than on customers. 
  • Cloud providers are using exorbitant costs to stop customers from moving data to their competitors’ ecosystems, according to financial analyst Jason Ader. With 92% of enterprises now using multiple clouds, the tactic is a classic “Hotel California” situation: users can check out any time they’d like, but they can never leave.
  • On Cloud 9: Walgreens is elated after completing a massive migration of 122 enterprise apps to the cloud, consolidating them into a single platform: “[This] means better performance and faster speeds in our management of inventory, many completion of transactions, submission of invoices to accounts payable and more,” said Francesco Tinto, Walgreen’s Global CIO. 
In the Twittersphere:
  • Dan Kirsch, Managing Director, Hurwitz & Associates (@ddkirsch): Each #cloud vendor has native capabilities that are unique to its platform. Relying on one vendor is a massive mistake from both a technical stance and a pricing standpoint. #CloudComputing #multicloud #hybridcloud
  • Benjamin Carr, Computing Engineer, AstraZeneca (@BenjaminHCCarr): Public cloud Hotel California costing exposed “As a general rule, based on our research, any amount of production data above one petabyte will be substantially less expensive to host in an on-prem data center versus the cloud.” #Amazon #EFS costs 400% more
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