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Learning Economy newsletter 01 reposted

Connected Intellect
Learning Economy newsletter 01 reposted
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How To Tell If Someone Is Truly Smart Or Just Average- Michael Simmons, Accelerated IntelligenceAre these just the idiosyncrasies of geniuses, or do these entrepreneurs employ a way of using their brain that we too could learn from in order to become smarter, more successful, and more impactful ourselves?
13 Mental Models Every Founder Should Know- Jayme Hoffman, Mission.orgI liked this quote: “Mental models are to your brain as apps are to your smartphone.”
Innovation is a collision of learning- Robert Hillard, Information-Driven BusinessIt seems to be when the personal learning and interests of staff collide with their organisation’s learning journey that innovation is most likely to happen. It is the journey of discovery that enables both the breakthrough ideas and the willingness to try incremental advances that supports an organisation’s innovation.
How a Work Environment Can Stifle Innovation, and What You Can Do About It- Sean Tang, Build with Google CloudA shared vision illustrates the future of your teams and allows the people on them to visualize what they’re working toward and what new behaviors they’ll need to adopt. A vision for the future should not only create a shared understanding about what needs to change, but more importantly, why.
What Leaders Must Know About Learnability, An Essential Workplace Skill- Srikanth Karra,“… in next-generation organizations, learning is more than just a passive action. It is an essential workplace skill that is necessary for individual and organizational success.”
Your Future Competition Isn’t Who You Think It Will Be- Sarah Kinsela, Lend Lease InnovationIf Amazon can tell you what you are going to purchase next, could they automate office space leasing where they know clients have demand?
How to get your company’s people invested in transformation- David Lancefield, Strategy + Business“Leaders of successful transformations harness the power of their people by listening properly, identifying the influencers, and fostering a sense of personal investment.”
Uncovering the hidden talent on your staff- Vicki Huff, Strategy + BusinessThere’s likely more talent within your company than you realize. Creative problem solvers probably already exist at every level of your organization. You need people with an innovative disposition, who are open-minded and can move quickly. They need to be comfortable taking risks — and failing — and be highly collaborative.
12 Principles of Digital Workplace User Adoption- Kieran Kelly, CMS WireUser adoption is about far more than just IT. The best teams have backgrounds in user experience, visual design, communications, marketing, training, customer services and more.
Why most digital workplace initiatives will fail- Macy Bayern, TechRepublicSuccessful digital workplace programs focus less on technology and more on the employee experience, making changes to the work environment as needed.
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