Up & Running weekly: test in production, micro frontends, Istio 1.1.9 & more

Hi, I’m your curator Denis, currently building developer platform Jexia. Btw, just feel free to join
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

June 18 · Issue #26 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Hi, I’m your curator Denis, currently building developer platform Jexia. Btw, just feel free to join my mailing via this rss link.

WebSockets vs long polling
Building a documentation CLI
Feature toggles: reducing coupling
Felipe Guizar Diaz
@WellPaidGeek @dan_abramov Here @gustaf_nk explain how to deal with UI consistency using micro-frontends.
9:46 PM - 26 May 2019
Golang: creating gRPC interceptors
Good code reviews, better code reviews
When should you be using web workers?
Justin Cormack
Creating a native Arm builder for Docker buildx https://t.co/jrAtZV16xM with a USB Arm host
8:51 PM - 14 Jun 2019
Don't test in production? Test in production!
Web hosting: how to host 3 million websites?
Banish merge conflicts with semantic merge
Micro frontends
Jenkins tutorial series
What is a buffer overflow?
Kubernetes: the basics of Helm
JJ Asghar
I finally sat down and figured out how to get @InfluxDB and @grafana working together. It's more my notes on how to do it, but hopefully, someone will find it helpful in the future.

7:47 PM - 4 Jun 2019
Replace legacy components without downtime
Kubernetes cluster on Raspberry Pi & low-end tools
Announcing Istio 1.1.9
Announcing get.helm.sh
GitHub organization search
Douglas J Hunley
A recursive CTE to get information about partitions https://t.co/tAGHeeokcS #postgresql
2:56 PM - 14 Jun 2019
Crunchy PostgreSQL Operator 4.0
Docker tools for modernizing traditional applications
Availability and automated failover Postgres extension
Software below the poverty line
An exercise program for the fat web
@martinfowler @thecamjackson I see micro frontends as the foundation of the implicit web. Our devices become remote controls / magnets for contextual micro frontends as we navigate the world. My take on the idea is #do/uber/home etc (https://t.co/Fa3O3g4Ub1)
8:44 PM - 10 Jun 2019
Microfrontends: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Lerner — using RL agents for test case scheduling
Video upload latency improvements at Instagram
Istio in the wild - series of 5 video tutorials
RSocket: solving real-world architectural challenges
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