Uber's Go style guide, Kafka config at LinkedIn, Zalando's 140+ K8s clusters & more

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

October 14 · Issue #41 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Uber's Go style guide
Prometheus: intro to the wonderful metrics world
Kubernetes patterns : the DaemonService pattern
Don't put fat jars in Docker images
How LinkedIn customizes Apache Kafka
Lessons from building Node apps in Docker
Playing Dungeons & Dragons at work: how we introduced a fun training method for new team members of our Philips Hue project.
4:08 PM - 7 Oct 2019
How Zalando manages 140+ Kubernetes clusters
How to build a custom K8s ingress controller in Go
Serving your Docker apps with HTTPS and Traefik 2
The definitive guide to Docker Compose
Protect private K8s services behind a GitHub login
Picnic about building and scaling a Data Science environment

3:42 PM - 9 Oct 2019
Connection pools: serverless functions + backend services
Disambiguating microservice observability & monitoring
Build your own Kubernetes playground
Lens: the ultimate dashboard for Kubernetes
Heads up: my team at Jexia is searching for a remote Cloud DevOps engineer 👀. Together we will be building a cloud platform that provides, scales and maintains functions, such as authorization, data storage, user management and RTC, out of the box for developers.
Introducing containerized Ceph on Kubernetes
SLOG: cheating low-latency vs. strict serializability
Fault-tolerant microservices w/ Toxiproxy + Cucumber
A journey with Ingress
Conman - [the] container manager: inception Conman - [the] container manager: inception
Break before make, abstractions, and sleazy ISPs
K8s 'Billion Laughs' vulnerability: no laughing matter
Academic articles
Running Kafka streams beyond Kafka - Lei Chen, Bloomberg
Performing chaos in a serverless world - Gunnar Grosch
Develop serverless apps with GraphQL - Marcia Villalba
About this weekly:
Up & Running Weekly is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Infra & DevOps pros. I’m Denis, your curator, working from an office in Amsterdam to help building software developer platform Jexia. I work on building a cloud platform that provides, scales and maintains core software functions, such as authorization, user management, data storage and RTC, out of the box for developers.
Do you have a question, feedback or you want to notify me about a noteworthy blog? Reach out to me via denis at upandrunningweekly.com. Btw, I don’t accept proposals to include sponsored content in my weekly.
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