The pain of storage on Kubernetes, microservices at eBay & the migration of Dropbox to gRPC

 I'm Denis, DevOps engineer at Jexia, and I will serve you weekly insights.
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

January 14 · Issue #5 · View online
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 I’m Denis, DevOps engineer at Jexia, and I will serve you weekly insights.

Why is storage on Kubernetes so hard?
Load testing and the requests per second curve
Writing Kubernetes operator using Operator SDK
Easy ways to generate test data in Kafka
Top 5 things we learned in moving software to containers
Philippe Ensarguet
Kubernetes has become 'boring' and that's good, Google tells devs via @theregister
#kubecon2018 keynote of the day was a good one, @janet_kuo told us #kubernetes is adult, @lizrice warned on security and @MelanieCebula shared about serious #scaling 👍
3:50 AM - 13 Dec 2018
Building distributed systems with CQRS and event sourcing
Scaling machine learning productivity at LinkedIn engineering
Microservices at eBay: sharing modules across experience services and multi-screen applications
Designing resilient systems: circuit breakers or retries? (Part 2)
How to ship an app rewrite without risking your entire business
Tutorial for developing streaming applications
Kubernetes for stateful applications: scaling macroservices
Benoit Hudzia
[ Links of the Day] 08/01/2019

Turn video into comics
Social impact of IoT
#microservices orchestration DSL
11:35 AM - 8 Jan 2019
How to create a Kubernetes custom controller using client-go
Livin’ la vida local: easier Kubernetes development from your laptop
Tools first impressions
Complete guide to GDPR compliance
Argo CD v0.11 Released – Argo Project
Automatically update Elastic Stack with Ansible Playbooks
Courier: the migration of Dropbox to gRPC
Open source needs to protect itself from service wrappers
Learn how #Kafka Streams can be integrated with several different development platforms in order to build a series of #microservices.
3:30 PM - 6 Jan 2019
Top 5 predictions for 2019 on Kubernetes and cloud storage
The agony and the ecstasy of ephemeral infrastructure and IAM
Remote jobs
Piggy: DevOps Engineer
Noddus: back-end engineer
GitHub - Senior data software engineer
Glossier - Senior site reliability engineer
Hireology - Junior site reliability Engineer
Your API Strategy: Why Boring is Best
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