The infancy of serverless, vertically scaling PostgreSQL, Blazor & more

I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

March 26 · Issue #14 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.

Why serverless is still in its infancy
Docker lectures. Part 1: introduction
Microservices anti-patterns
Architecting UIs for change
Vertically scaling PostgreSQL
Helm on Google Kubernetes Engine
We need software to study #container filesystems, packages, and inheritance! Here I walk through the #collectiontree data structure to trace, search, and compare collections, or export the entire namespace to an actual filesystem in a #docker container. 🤓
11:59 PM - 21 Mar 2019
Redis streams as a pure data structure
How Booking handles millions of metrics per second
Profile code w/ PerfView, visualize w/
Sum types in SQL
A guide to Kubernetes admission controllers
Microservice observability w/ Istio Service Mesh
We are released the new #OSS. #RDBOX(A Robotics Developers BOX): Auto-build secure, scalable Wi-Fi network and Kubernetes cluster for ROS Robots.
Enhance your ROS robot's roslaunch by leveraging K8s.
8:56 AM - 22 Mar 2019
ARMing a hybrid Docker Swarm: Part 2 - deploying
Design resilient systems beyond retries: rate-limiting
Automate Podman containers w/ Ansible - Part 2 of 2
Gfx-rs nuts and bolts
Generalizing seqlocks
Just how expensive is the full AWS SDK?
Ken Oestreich
OK. This is a pretty new/cool OSS project - Build run and manage code-first composites on Kubernetes
4:07 AM - 25 Mar 2019
faastRuby: build & test serverless applications
What is Blazor and what are Razor components?
The T-shirt challenge
CI, and CI, and CI, oh my!
Javascript To Elm
We started with an idea to use Haskell on AWS Lambda so we didn't have to deal with servers. By the end we found ourselves partitioning our local drive to dual boot it into Linux, running `sudo apt update` a dozen or so times. How did things go so wrong?
6:40 AM - 15 Feb 2019
Implementing a NES emulator in Rust
Explorations in data science and health
What has your microcode done for you lately?
Presentations as ThinJAR on docker
Inside a Docker Cryptojacking Exploit
Finding Service Boundaries – illustrated in healthcare by Udi Dahan
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