State of serverless, creating a Helm chart, Docker and its paradigm & more

Hi, I’m Denis, your weekly curator and DevOps guy at developer platform Jexia. Enjoy this issue and y
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

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Hi, I’m Denis, your weekly curator and DevOps guy at developer platform Jexia. Enjoy this issue and your work week!

Scale your app better with Scaling Cube
Promise and perils of serverless computing
Why serverless is still in its adolescence years
Bilal J.
A new post is out. Understanding the Kubernetes API
8:36 AM - 4 Jul 2019
How SRE teams are organized, and how to start
SQS FIFO: does ordered, one-time messaging exist?
Intro guide to Dockerfile best practices
Istio: benchmarking Service Mesh performance
Ivan Fraixedes
Declarative continuous deployment for #Kubernetes written in #golang #cd #k8s
5:01 PM - 4 Jul 2019
K8s practices for governance, costs, security & access
Cloud migrations: easily improve legacy apps w/ CDNs
Creating a Helm chart repository
Performance puzzler: the slow server
How to write idempotent Bash scripts
Jaime Woo
So happy we had the space to talk about the importance of mental health in the SRE space, especially post-incidents. Here is a list of (non-exhaustive) resources that may be helpful!
12:44 AM - 27 Mar 2019
Status-driven, task-based async flow in microservices
Kubernetes controller: queues & the core controller loop
Building Jsonnet from source
Announcing code annotations for SourceHut
Jenkins pipeline stage result visualization improvement
Arun Gupta
Updated #Kubernetes 1.11 cluster to 1.13 on Amazon EKS using eksctl:

- Update control plane
- Update add-ons
- Update data plane

One minor version at a time, as defined by the version skew support policy:

How are you updating?
9:05 PM - 19 Jun 2019
Overview of database PostgresQL diagram tools available
Visualized city cores w/ Uber's geospatial indexing system
The error model
Multi-cloud: you keep using that word…
It is Monday, here is a new blog post about more Swift on server-side:
9:50 AM - 8 Jul 2019
Distributed tracing — we’ve been doing it wrong
Docker protects a paradigm that we should get rid of
Slide deck: monads do not compose
Microservices management & role of API management 
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