Rise of serverless computing, Nomad vs K8s, Kafka in the car industry & more

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

November 25 · Issue #48 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Rise of serverless computing
Events, the DNA of Kubernetes
How containers work: overlayfs
eBay Tech
Learn how @eBay's architecture knowledge graph was developed and the use cases we see for this approach: https://t.co/P90TqvuvBc #eBayTech https://t.co/ONetIelpc4
9:23 PM - 15 Nov 2019
Introduction to Docker container networking
Beginners guide to creating Kubernetes manifests
Real-world reports
Debugging network stalls on Kubernetes
Tackling business complexity with strategic DDD
Successfully merging the work of 1000+ developers
Mark Adcock
7 Ways We Put Kubernetes to Work at Salesforce https://t.co/ceI3j1sDXt
8:04 PM - 19 Nov 2019
Tooling HubSpot built for managing 3,000+ microservices
Scale K8s monitoring without blind spots or operations burden
How does Alibaba ensure the performance of system components in a 10,000-node Kubernetes Cluster?
Serverless Kotlin with OpenFaaS
Evaluating a tool's performance and correctness
Alex Ellis
Can Docker over ssh save your battery from running out? #devops #devlife @Docker

3:41 PM - 23 Nov 2019
Test your Ansible deployment w/ InSpec and Kitchen
Streaming data from SQL Server to Kafka to Snowflake
Introducing ksqlDB
Announcing Project Antrea - Kubernetes networking
LinkedIn Engineering
With the Nuage SDK, we created a framework built around self-service and empowerment so our teams could focus on the code logic they know best. https://t.co/frvCENtSIO
10:33 PM - 19 Nov 2019
Google-tool Skaffold available, easing K8s development
Hubble: network, service & security observability for K8s
Nomad good, Kubernetes bad
Apache Kafka in the automotive industry
How Twilio scaled its engineering structure How Twilio scaled its engineering structure
Why we chose Kubernetes, Linux, and .NET Core
'Micro, just the future of microservices development'
Academic articles
Open source serverless platforms: design and performance
Prometheus deep dive - Ben Kochie
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