Programmatic K8s manifests, scaling GraphQL, high wireless latency & more

I changed my email name to Denis from Jexia. You didn't read why and are wondering? Read my previous
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

November 4 · Issue #45 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

I changed my email name to Denis from Jexia. You didn’t read why and are wondering? Read my previous email about Jexia’s support.

Legacy code: the Mikado Method
Video series about Kubernetes essentials
Real-world reports (aka best-practices)
Knative = Kubernetes networking++
Building a small microservice in Haskell
Fine tuning full text search with PostgreSQL 12 Fine tuning full text search with PostgreSQL 12
Programmatically creating Kubernetes manifests
How a team at @YelpEngineering set up Sourcegraph and won their hackathon: Congrats to @mark_larah, @dencold, and Kevin Chen, and thanks for bringing Sourcegraph to Yelp!
7:52 PM - 1 Nov 2019
Scaling GraphQL at PayPal
Microservices and Kafka at eBay — Part 1
Pupline: GIPHY’s media metadata pipeline
Gerard Klijs
Very happy with the result. Someone who read the blog is working on better compatibility between #apacheavro and #rustlang with pr's on avro-rs. Repo the blog is based in is on github,
4:38 PM - 25 Oct 2019
Inside LinkedIn’s data pipeline monitoring system
CI/CD practices for Adobe's Experience Platform
Walmart's microservice continuity & disaster recovery
Using Reactive WebClient with Spring WebFlux
Developing and deploying Node.js apps in Kubernetes
Postgres conditional expressions and window functions
Release Ansible 2.9
Awesome Prometheus alerts
Radish — cross-platform desktop client for Redis
Mike Francois
Does Kafka Really Guarantee the Order of Messages?: by Kamil Charlampowicz
5:49 PM - 30 Oct 2019
Amundsen: data discovery and metadata platform
Managing PostgreSQL partitioned tables with Ruby
Wireless latency sucks, globally
Docker needs to play nice with package management
When AWS, Azure, or GCP becomes the competition
Academic articles
Change of data ingestion & product instrumentation @ Prezi 
36 minutes
Microservices for building IDEs – Innards of JetBrains Rider
Duration: 51 minutes
Java in the age of serverless: the path forward
Duration: 54 minutes
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Up & Running Weekly is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for Infra & DevOps pros. I’m Denis, your curator, working from an office in Amsterdam to help build a cloud-based dev platform called Jexia. Jexia automatically serves, scales and maintains core functions, such as user management, authorization, data storage and RTC, out of the box to devs.
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