One year of load balancing, scaling Elasticsearch, the working of Tor & more

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia. New in this edition: lin
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

April 9 · Issue #16 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Hi, I’m your curator Denis and currently building developer platform Jexia.
New in this edition: links to existing Reddit or Hacker News discussions. In the case of this issue, only two articles are already been discussed there.

Kubernetes and Prometheus: getting started
Val 🐳
Terraform plugin for the Dominos Pizza provider 😍🥰

#devops #ops #automation #CloudNative #PizzaAsAService
2:55 PM - 2 Apr 2019
Service mesh, service fabric, service bus, explained
One year of load balancing
Network boot to the rescue
We deployed Envoy Proxy to make Monzo faster
Nick Blair
11:03 AM - 4 Apr 2019
Scaling Jira server administration for the enterprise
Scaling microservices applications with orchestrators
Deploy PostgreSQL w/ single endpoint for WordPress
Microservices & event-driven architecture - Part 1: application-specific business rules
Architecting a machine learning pipeline - Part 2
Claudio Cicconetti
Check out a recap of my recent paper on the efficient dispatching of #Serverless function calls in a distributed #EdgeComputing domain, titled "Low-latency Distributed Computation Offloading for Pervasive Environments", presented at IEEE PerCom 2009
3:03 PM - 8 Apr 2019
Build a reliable serverless application in a weekend
Scaling Elasticsearch - Part 1: speeding up indexing
Self-served ETL pipeline for 3rd party data ingestion
Getting started with open-source Drone CI
Nacos: dynamic naming and configuration service
Istio 1.1.2 and 1.0.7 with important security update
Aric R
HackSaw ToolKit for troubleshooting #containerized deployments from the inside-out

#Docker #Kubernetes
7:09 PM - 5 Apr 2019
Spotify open-sourced incident response infra in GCP
Sonic, the alternative search engine backend for Elastic
Gotta catch ’em all
How does Tor work?
Performance is a feature
Bernd Ruecker
Thanks for @qconlondon to bring up the recording of my talk about complex event flows in distributed systems: #qconlondon @InfoQ
12:58 PM - 5 Apr 2019
Scaling mobile device management for macOS
Serious path traversal flaw found in Kubernetes
Design decisions behind BBC's visual seeking feature
Peril Architectural Deep Dive by Orta Therox
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