Multi-container Pods, secret life of DNS packets, what Google got wrong & more

Hello! I’m your curator Denis, currently building dev platform Jexia. Green is our new color, as I li
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Up & Running Weekly

May 29 · Issue #23 · View online
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Hello! I’m your curator Denis, currently building dev platform Jexia. Green is our new color, as I like Scaleup Architect to encourage growth and sustainability.

Kafka: All you need to know
Multi-container Pods in Kubernetes
Schemas, contracts and compatibility
How we moved from Heroku to GKE
Secret life of DNS packets: complex networks
Easily create CLIs using OCLIF, according Adobe
Richard Seroter
You have a monolithic app. You want to add new functionality. Do you (a) add to the monolith, or (b) create a new service outside of it? The @GustoHQ engineering team chose option (c): modular component within the monolith ...
7:04 PM - 1 May 2019
Serverless without falling into the “ownerless” trap
Incremental Docker builds for monolithic codebases
Proper Kubernetes health check for Kafka Streams app
Build your own WebAssembly compiler
Use links, not keys, to represent relations in APIs
Richer activity, part 1: flexible storage for more data
David Tareen
4:27 AM - 29 May 2019
Speedup your Docker images with multi-stage builds
Run EC2 spot instances as Kubernetes worker nodes
From a monolithic data lake to a distributed data mesh
Watchme Terminal Monitor
Welcome to the Quarkus tutorial
SQLFlow: motivations and the design
Rajinder Singh
Terraform 0.12 is out. I just wasted 3 hours because I was on Terraform 0.11.13 on a windows PC trying to use data external with echo to decode secret manager json. With TF 0.12 less hacking will be needed.
11:38 PM - 22 May 2019
Announcing werf — missing part for CI/CD systems
10 OS load balancers for HA & improved performance
Dropbox' automated build health management system
Beating up on qsort
“Hello World” explained
Luis Molina
I don't want to be a full-fullstack developer
8:58 AM - 29 May 2019
Coping with the complexity of anomalies
Your GenServer is harbouring old memories
Continuous delivery for data science projects
What Google got wrong: microservices lessons
How to escape the distributed monolith - Ian Cooper
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