Microsoft shares microservice building blocks, a Docker cryptojacking worm & more

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

October 21 · Issue #42 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Beginners guide to creating Kubernetes manifests
How Adobe sets up a K8s clusters with Helmfile
Great collection of slidedecks for DevOps starters
Kubernetes homelab with Raspberry Pi and k3sup
The $10m engineering problem
How Netflix microservices tackle dataset pub-sub
How Qualtrics runs a scalability & resiliency program
Bas van Essen
A podcast discussing the recent news of Docker looking for more revenue. Why does Docker have money challenges? It does so by understanding Kubernetes and comparing it to SQL.
10:09 PM - 21 Oct 2019
Predicting and tracing payment bulks w/ Spark & Elastic
Using a K8s cluster for various services with auto HTTPS
Building a microservices architecture with NATS
CI/CD for Docker using GitHub Actions
Exploring deployment strategies in Kubernetes
Vincent Composieux
I just released a new open-source Go library called ☔️Gache (Go + Cache) that I hope will help you to bring cache into your projects with multiple stores, chained caches, load function callback, Prometheus metrics and struct marshaller #golang
3:43 PM - 13 Oct 2019
PostgreSQL connection pooling - part 1: pros & cons
Announcing Nancy for Docker
Monitor prow resources with Prometheus & Grafana
Top 10 open-source monitoring tools for K8s
Buf · a new way of working with protocol buffers
Graboid: first-ever cryptojacking worm in Docker Hub images Graboid: first-ever cryptojacking worm in Docker Hub images
Microsoft reveals Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime)
We also released Go Micro 1.12.0! With numerous updates including support for `etcd` as one of the default registries. #microservices #golang
10:43 PM - 17 Oct 2019
Python at scale at Instagram: strict modules
From Stackoverflow to CVE, with some laughs
Andreessen Horowitz: blockchain structures for scaling apps
M Butcher
1 Rudr is our implementation of OAM. This was our first major @Rustlang @Kubernetes project. Based on it, I think it's time for the Kubernetes community as a whole to start working in Rust. Here are my reasons:
7:03 PM - 16 Oct 2019
How Uber develops model representation for more flexibility
Academic articles
Systems @Scale 2019 recap
Build a microservice without losing a job (incl. satire)
Duration: 30 minutes
When to build, buy and what breaks (incl. French accent)
Duration: 34 minutes
Microservices for military applications
Duration: 28 minutes
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