Linux kernel fuzzing, zero cost abstractions, emulate the Nintendo DS & more

Hi, I’m Denis, your weekly curator and DevOps guy at developer platform Jexia. Enjoy this issue and y
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

July 15 · Issue #30 · View online
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Hi, I’m Denis, your weekly curator and DevOps guy at developer platform Jexia. Enjoy this issue and your work week!

Difference between metrics & events
A gentle intro to Linux kernel fuzzing
Write code easy to delete, not easy to extend
Faster fractals with multi-threaded WebAssembly
Code reviews at Medium
Maintainable unit testing
The story of the failed backup
Robust Perception
Check out the changes in @PrometheusIO 2.11.0:
11:55 AM - 15 Jul 2019
The Riot Games API: transforms
When SQL isn’t the right answer
How did we migrate 3 million sites?
Zero cost abstractions
Web archiving source code?
Streaming Cassandra at WePay - Part 1
Niek Palm
Create a multi cloud service mesh with Istio on AWS and Google cloud. #K8S #kubernetes #istio #EKS #AW #GKE #Google
7:22 AM - 10 Jul 2019
Micro pipelines: analyze big data with tiny apps
Dockerless, part 3: move to containers w/ Podman
S3 or DynamoDB?
Scaling Apollo GraphQL
How Dark deploys code in 50ms
Hervé Nicol
Just discovered #wizzy ( for @grafana dashboards management.
Looks nice, I think I'm going to give it a try.
10:12 AM - 6 Jul 2019
A quick guide to GitLab CI/CD pipelines
Test languages and frameworks with VS Code
Democratizing data analysis with Google BigQuery
Emulating the Nintendo DS: Part 1
Re-architecting the video gatekeeper
Kubernetes on AMD64 with PC Engines APU2
John Wu
When you have many customers using your product, you gotta formally verify your product. You can prevent bugs from creeping up your system if you use formal verification.
7:39 PM - 14 Jul 2019
Details of the Cloudflare outage on July 2, 2019
360° observability of camel integrations in OpenShift
Experiment w/ event sourcing & CQRS, where it matters
Scientific papers
Web test dependency detection
StealthDB: scalable encrypted database w/ SQL support
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