Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories, autoscaling Mesos clusters, Vertx & more

I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.
Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

February 21 · Issue #10 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.

Functional programming in serverless world
Single sign-on for Kubernetes: an introduction
Monoliths to micro-services: what really matters
Optimizing for the speed of light
How my company (Teckro) uses containers
Autoscaling Mesos clusters with Clusterman
Bas van Essen
Setting up Postgres inside a Docker container: https://t.co/6P9bgc2Ube #postgres #Docker
12:02 PM - 21 Feb 2019
Short TTL vs Long TTL infrastructure resource
Fully automatic certificate bootstrapping for Kubelets
A fault tolerant, horizontally scalable scheduler service
Back to microservices with Istio (Part 1)
Make your site clean and maintainable with GraphQL
Kristian Stobbe
Some of my favourite tools are #docker, #grafana, and influxdb. This is how I set it up to support data collection and presentation from an IoT network. https://t.co/DPdPLDEkw5
10:51 AM - 17 Feb 2019
Re-imagine virtualization with Kubernetes & KubeVirt
Use InfluxDB & Grafana on Kubernetes for Twitter stats
Vertx in production
WITH Queries: present & future
Jorge Quilcate
Weekend's experiment: @apachekafka
-based storage for @zipkinproject

Inspired on the recent work with #voltdb as a back-end and in how to remove the need for yet another database for tracing.

Storage based on Kafka Streams and #lucene. Feedback welcome
11:55 PM - 10 Feb 2019
Remoting-based CLI removed from Jenkins
Compare tools for multi-cloud Kubernetes management
Lessons from 6 software rewrite stories
The cloud is just someone else's computer
Making Docker images ARM compatible for Raspberry Pi
Mohammed Aboullaite
This weekend, I had fun playing with #kairosdb and #grafana to monitor #SpringBoot Apps!

Details here => https://t.co/2qCIZXgkGZ
4:19 PM - 18 Feb 2019
Berkeley heralds rise serverless in the cloud – you agree?
Hidden benefits of time & activity tracking for DevOps
Scientific papers
Are modules fast?
Will serverless computing revolutionize NFV?
Monolith to microservices = reduction of technical debt?
Understand Serverless Kubernetes and Serverless on Kubernetes
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