Kubernetes without nodes, Docker container threats, 4x serverless strategy & more

I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.
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Up & Running Weekly

February 26 · Issue #11 · View online
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I’m Denis, DevOps guy at Jexia, and serving you weekly insights.

Keep your infrastructure boring
Learn Docker with these resources
Why a database is like a dance class
My ballad, today, goes from "#Kubernetes Persistent Volumes to Volume Claim Templates" and is called "3 ways to use Persistent Volumes"
9:52 PM - 17 Feb 2019
The essence of virtual machines and containers
Running Kubernetes without nodes
Getting the most out of server side caching
Identifying threats within your Docker containers
Stefan Prodan
I just published Automated Canary Deployments with Flagger and Istio
#Kubernetes #Istio #GCP #ProgressiveDelivery
9:39 AM - 21 Feb 2019
Navigating network services and policy with Helm
Should you migrate an enterprise application to serverless?
So, you think your CI/CD environment is secure?
Guidance for building a control plane for Envoy - Part 1
Getting external traffic into Kubernetes: ClusterIp, NodePort, LoadBalancer, and Ingress
NSX-T for Planespotter
GitHub actions to deliver on Kubernetes
Immutable Kubernetes configuration with Ansible
Elliot Tally
This is huge -- no, really! Finally a hybrid option that doesn't lock you in to a proprietary stack ... but backed by the full weight of Google's 1st party service optimizations! https://t.co/kNtRdvq29X
7:17 PM - 20 Feb 2019
Istio: canary deployments, dynamic routing & tracing
Commit to your lock-in
Hospital chargemasters
Hipster Shop: cloud-native microservices demo tool
Janshair Khan
I just blogged:
Using Helm, Helm Repositories and ChartMuseum

https://t.co/orb4DNMp11 … @HelmPack @Azure #ChartMuseum #DevOps #Kubernetes

Feedback would be very appreciated. Stay tuned for more.
7:54 PM - 12 Feb 2019
4 elements of a serverless application deployment strategy
We rewrote our software. You won’t believe what happened
Why Star Wars, Prometheus & the cloud are interconnected
Scientific papers
Audi's microservices dashboard w/ NGINX Plus and AWS
Bringing magic to microservice architecture development • Ellen Körbes
To Russia with love – Kubernetes in exotic locations
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