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Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

December 2 · Issue #49 · View online
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From monolith to microservices
The Service Mesh: all you need to know
Mark Seemann
New article: Refactoring registration flow to functional architecture https://t.co/1zZBUDmSOW
9:24 AM - 2 Dec 2019
Running Kubernetes locally on Linux with Microk8s
Dismantling the monolith - how microservices work
Real-world reports
Testing Elasticsearch with ESSingleNodeTestCase
How to win at the massive database migration game
Chandrahas Aroori
Never really thought about how new codebases soon turn into archaic codebases. Seems like its all about the culture.

4:06 AM - 1 Dec 2019
Discover continuous automation with request mirroring
Standardizing microservice frameworks across dev teams
Kafka to throttle QPS on MySQL shards in bulk write APIs
Kubernetes workloads—using multiple networks
Ansible custom inventory plugin - a starting guide
Generate SVG and PDF reports from Elasticsearch
Micro-frontend Architecture: Dynamic import chunks from another Webpack bundle at runtime. by @ScriptedAlchemy https://t.co/rv84DbSQIx
3:57 PM - 1 Dec 2019
Elastic on K8s: visualization and production readying
Scaling WebSocket connections using shared workers
Multi-stage K8s deployments w/ GitLab and Kustomize
Jenkins: matrix building in scripted pipeline
Why can’t rootless Podman pull my image?
Holger Reinhardt
Preparing for a submission of a #serverless #msa talk to O'Reilly Media SAcon, I revisited my talk about the 'automated monolith' back from 4 years ago. Haufe Group has been on quite a journey since. Check out the video below for…https://t.co/UBI7Y1yRfj https://t.co/jLCm2ifP4K
12:37 AM - 27 Nov 2019
KFServing: serverless model serving on K8s
Monitoring Prometheus apps in GKE with Stackdriver
Relentlessly simplify
Ansible role is not ‘a fancy play’
How I learned all I know about Kubernetes
A fascinating look at the early days of Etsy, in which a system is rewritten, the rewrite blows up, the rewrite is rewritten, and finally that is rewritten again
Twitter thread: what happened under Etsy’s hood
It appears that Etsy’s system has been written many times.
Dan McKinley
Mute me for a bit if you don’t like long diatribes about startup debacles but this reminds me of a story (1/n) https://t.co/lHuAF0ruOK
9:28 PM - 13 Nov 2019
Networking @Scale Boston 2019 recap
KubeCon 2019: building the data layer on K8s
Optimizing Observability with Jaeger, M3, and XYS
Slide deck: from monolith to microservices with K8s
Raising the bar - production readiness in K8s
Not-so-straightforward road from microservices to serverless
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