Kubernetes 1.17, using Ansible like PowerShell, 6 ways your Kafka design fails & more

Up & Running Weekly

Up & Running Weekly

December 16 · Issue #51 · View online
Weekly curated resources for DevOps engineers.

Modular monolith: a primer
An introduction to Kubernetes
The different faces of microservice communication
Real-world reports
Using Ansible like PowerShell
Setting up a local Kubernetes cluster
Parsing 18 billion JSON lines with Go
Nuno Ferreira
3rd blog of the series - @asingla77 covers how we approached the security component of our platform but also what set us apart from the crowd.

https://t.co/RSFiC0FVKZ? https://t.co/RSFiC0FVKZ?
2:18 PM - 12 Dec 2019
Flexibly storing secrets in Ansible Playbooks
Architecture of a large-scale web search engine
Better ML infra with Tensorflow extended + Kubeflow
Teaching "the smell"
Fallacy: topology doesn't change
Six ways your Kafka design will fail
Java microservices: a practical guide
Kafka streams topology visualizer
PromQL subqueries and alignment
K8s 1.17: Kubernetes Volume Snapshot now beta
No changes in ` Docker image, minify it by max. 30x
Serverless hub using Web Browser execution engines
Incentives, metrics, and Goodhart’s Law
API Practices if you hate your customers
Edgar Gonzalez
Why Airbnb moved away from Resque and built Dynein, their job queuing system. It uses DynamoDB as a scheduler for future jobs and SQS for queuing https://t.co/5HU77IqYya
3:09 PM - 16 Dec 2019
Russian police raid NGINX Moscow office
3 scalability bottlenecks for state machine replication
Shared-nothing architectures for server sync + replication
Academic articles
Splitting and placing microservices at the edge
David Bermbach
We had two papers and one poster accepted at ACM SAC. The first paper (https://t.co/xNqgI5FZ2f) is on managing cold starts in FaaS platforms as a client. We managed to get up to 80% less cold starts on AWS Lambda. The second paper (https://t.co/xvyrpE7o6l) together with
6:17 PM - 6 Dec 2019
The path less traveled: abusing Kubernetes defaults
In this live demo-filled talk, we are going to walk through the Kubernetes control plane before using sigs.k8s.io/kind to show some of the attack surface exposed by a default configuration of Kubernetes.
Duration: 48 minutes
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